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Title: 17B - INSURANCE

Chapter: 37 -

17b:37-1: Short title, findings, declarations.

17b:37-2: Definitions relative to the "Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact."

17b:37-3: "Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Commission."

17b:37-4: Powers of commission.

17b:37-5: Membership of commission; organization; bylaws.

17b:37-6: Meetings, actions.

17b:37-7: Rules, uniform standards, operating procedures.

17b:37-8: Rules establishing conditions, procedures for public inspection, copying of information and official records.

17b:37-9: Resolution of disputes, issues subject to compact.

17b:37-10: Approval process for product.

17b:37-11: Disapproved product or advertisement; appeal.

17b:37-12: Payment of reasonable expenses of establishment, organization.

17b:37-13: Eligibility of states to join compact.

17b:37-14: Withdrawal, termination, reinstatement.

17b:37-15: Severability; liberal construction.

17b:37-16: Enforcement of laws of compacting state unaffected.

17b:37-17: Report to Legislature.