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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 11 - General mandatory powers and duties

18a:11-1: General mandatory powers and duties

18a:11-2: Power to sue and be sued; reports; census of school children

18a:11-3: Voluntary associations regulating conduct of student activities; membership; rules and regulations; appeals

18a:11-3.1: Definitions relative to public school district participation in certain voluntary associations which oversee sports activities.

18a:11-3.2: Findings, declarations relative to adapted athletic programs.

18a:11-3.3: Interscholastic adapted athletic programs.

18a:11-3.4: Dissemination of certain information to student-athletes.

18a:11-3.5: Findings, declarations relative to athletic activities of students with disabilities.

18a:11-3.6: Definitions relative to athletic activities of students with disabilities.

18a:11-3.7: Obligations of school district, exceptions.

18a:11-3.8: Reasonable efforts when exception applies.

18a:11-3.9: Interscholastic athletic programs for certain disabled student-athletes.

18a:11-4: Minutes of meetings of associations overseeing interscholastic sports programs; report

18a:11-5: Effective date of amendments to charter, constitution, bylaws, rules or regulations of association; disapproval of amendments

18a:11-6: Liability of association, conference, employee

18a:11-7: Findings, declarations relative to school dress codes

18a:11-8: Adoption of dress code policy for schools permitted

18a:11-9: Prohibition of gang-related apparel.

18a:11-10: Board of Education may receive property for awarding scholarships.

18a:11-11: Public notice required for alteration of contract terms of certain employees.

18a:11-12: Definitions relative to travel; travel policy; procedures; compliance.

18a:11-13: Rules, regulations to effectuate the purposes of C.18A:55-3 et al.

18a:11-14: Findings, declarations relative to summer school tuition.

18a:11-15: Tuition charge for certain summer courses; terms defined.