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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 12 - Qualifications.

18a:12-1: Qualifications.

18a:12-1.1: Ineligibility for appointment to paid office or position filled by board

18a:12-1.2: Criminal history background investigation for board of education members.

18a:12-2: Inconsistent interests or office prohibited

18a:12-2.1: Oaths.

18a:12-2.2: False affirmation, disqualification, fourth degree crime.

18a:12-3: Cessation of membership.

18a:12-4: Compensation of members

18a:12-5: Application of subarticle

18a:12-6: Boards; number of members

18a:12-7: Boards; appointments; vacancies

18a:12-8: When appointed; commencement of terms

18a:12-9: Terms of members of boards

18a:12-10: Application of subarticle

18a:12-11: Election and number of board members; terms

18a:12-11.1: New district may elect three, five, seven or nine members

18a:12-12: Increase or reduction in membership; resolution; submission of question

18a:12-13: Membership increase

18a:12-14: Reduction of membership; reduced number of members

18a:12-15: Filling vacancies

18a:12-15.1: Terms of board members in certain districts.

18a:12-16: Application of subarticle

18a:12-17: Appointments; terms; vacancies

18a:12-18: Resolution or petition for election of members; submission

18a:12-19: 5-year terms

18a:12-19.1: Decrease of term; voter's decision

18a:12-19.2: Approval; succession

18a:12-20: Indemnity of members of boards of education against cost of defense.

18a:12-21: Short title

18a:12-22: Findings, declarations

18a:12-23: Definitions

18a:12-23.1: Applicability of "School Ethics Act" to charter school administrators, trustees.

18a:12-24: Conflicts of interest

18a:12-24.1: Code of Ethics for School Board Members.

18a:12-25: Disclosure statements of employment, contracts or business with schools

18a:12-26: Financial disclosure statement

18a:12-27: School Ethics Commission

18a:12-28: Staff appointments; duties; powers

18a:12-29: Complaint procedures.

18a:12-29.1: Appeal of determination of School Ethics Commission.

18a:12-30: Imposition of sanctions

18a:12-31: Advisory opinions

18a:12-32: Jurisdiction preempted on pending matters

18a:12-33: Training program; requirements.

18a:12-34: Rules, regulations