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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 13 - Application of chapter; government of regional districts

18a:13-1: Application of chapter; government of regional districts

18a:13-2: Types of regional districts

18a:13-3: Constituent municipalities as constituent districts

18a:13-4: Supervision by county superintendent

18a:13-5: Conduct of regional district elections, votes required

18a:13-6: Body corporate and corporate title

18a:13-7: Regional board members

18a:13-8: Boards of education of regional districts; membership; apportionment.

18a:13-9: Reapportionment of membership

18a:13-9a: Apportionment of membership of board of education.

18a:13-9.1: Special election of members of board after Federal decennial census; resolution

18a:13-9.2: Special election

18a:13-10: Annual elections.

18a:13-11: Vacancies in membership of board; filling

18a:13-12: Election of officers.

18a:13-13: Appointment of secretary.

18a:13-14: Treasurer of school moneys; appointment; term; bond.

18a:13-15: Acquisition of lands without districts

18a:13-16: Special police services; contracts with municipalities

18a:13-17: Submission of budget; other questions to voters; adherence to procedures.

18a:13-19: Procedure following school budget rejection.

18a:13-20: Determination, certification of amount by commissioner

18a:13-21: Inclusion of amounts certified in tax

18a:13-23: Apportionment of appropriations.

18a:13-23.3: Modification of apportionment of appropriations

18a:13-24: Appropriations; certification; apportionment; assessment and collection among constituent districts

18a:13-26: Authorization; issuance; maturities, sales and lien of bonds

18a:13-27: Newly created regional districts; issuance of temporary bonds or notes for current expenses; submission to voters, etc.

18a:13-28: Authorization of bonds upon formation of regional district

18a:13-29: Issuance of bonds of constituent district by all purpose regional district

18a:13-30: Issuance of bonds for acquisition of lands to include buildings, equipment, etc.

18a:13-31: Authority to purchase and sell property of constituent district

18a:13-32: Application of proceeds of sale of property

18a:13-33: Additional purposes; referendum

18a:13-34: Creation of regional school district, apportionment of appropriations

18a:13-34a: Board of education for newly created regional district.

18a:13-34.2: Impact assessment

18a:13-35: Certification and determination of the result of referendum to create regional district

18a:13-36: Apportionment of membership of board of newly created regional district

18a:13-37: First board of education; appointment

18a:13-38: Allocation of terms for first elective board

18a:13-39: Election of first members to board

18a:13-40: General powers and duties of board of newly created regional districts.

18a:13-41: Taking charge and control of educational facilities of schools in newly created regional districts

18a:13-42: Pension and tenure rights; certain teachers transferred to regional districts; preserved

18a:13-43: Enlargement of regional districts; referendum

18a:13-44: Certification of results of election for enlargement of regional district

18a:13-45: Corporate existence and name; assumption of indebtedness

18a:13-46: Enlargement of regional districts; new board members; reapportionment.

18a:13-46.1: Apportionment of membership of enlarged district board of education.

18a:13-47: Enlarged regional districts; educational facilities; powers of board

18a:13-48: Dissolution of local districts; original boards to function until taking over of schools

18a:13-49: Principals, teachers and employees transferred

18a:13-50: Transfers; funds; personal property, books, etc., obligations of indebtedness.

18a:13-51: Investigation as to advisability of withdrawal, dissolution; application; procedures

18a:13-52: Report; feasibility study.

18a:13-53: Calculation of amount of indebtedness to be assumed

18a:13-54: Petition for permission to submit to voters for approval of withdrawal, dissolution; proof of service

18a:13-55: Answer; filing; contents

18a:13-56: Submission of petition and answers to board of review; findings and determination of board

18a:13-57: Fixing date of election

18a:13-58: Statement of indebtedness to be assumed in notices and advertisements; conduct of election; certification of results

18a:13-59: Effective date of withdrawal, dissolution; votes for adoption

18a:13-60: Continuance in office of board members until withdrawal, dissolution; reapportionment of vacancies

18a:13-61: Taking title to and control of grounds, buildings and furnishings by districts; assumption of indebtedness

18a:13-61.1: Withdrawal from certain limited purpose regional school district

18a:13-61.2: "Equity interest" defined; calculation

18a:13-62: Division of assets and liabilities in event of withdrawal, dissolution

18a:13-63: Dissolution of limited purpose regional school district; withdrawal of local districts; separate local school district

18a:13-64: Positions, rights and benefits of regional, constituent district employees continued

18a:13-65: Inapplicability of act to rights of bondholders

18a:13-66: Investigation of advisability of withdrawal

18a:13-67: Report on assets, operating expenses

18a:13-68: Amount indebtedness bears to replacement cost

18a:13-69: Petition

18a:13-70: Answer to petition

18a:13-71: Answers, petition to board of review; granting, denial

18a:13-72: Special school election

18a:13-73: Amount, effect of indebtedness to be stated

18a:13-74: Withdrawal of municipality

18a:13-75: Board of education

18a:13-76: First board of education

18a:13-77: Title to school grounds, etc.; assumption of indebtedness

18a:13-78: Division of assets, liabilities

18a:13-79: Dissolution of all purpose regional district

18a:13-80: Employees continued; benefits preserved

18a:13-81: Bondholders unaffected