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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 16 - Officers and employees in general

18a:16-1: Officers and employees in general

18a:16-1.1: May appoint temporary officers and employees

18a:16-1.1a: Filling of vacant teaching position; time limit.

18a:16-1.1b: Time limit for substitute teacher working in area authorized by credentials.

18a:16-1.1c: Limit on time for substitute teacher working in area not authorized by credentials.

18a:16-1.1d: Limit of time for substitute teacher holding standard instructional certificate.

18a:16-1.2: Delegation of powers of business manager in district having no business manager

18a:16-1.3: Dismissal of nontenured, certificated employee for cause, notice to State board.

18a:16-1.4: Removal from list.

18a:16-1.5: Employee rights unaffected.

18a:16-2: Physical examinations; drug testing; requirements

18a:16-3: Character of examinations

18a:16-4: Sick leave; dismissal

18a:16-5: Records of examinations

18a:16-6: Indemnity of officers and employees against action, proceeding; exceptions.

18a:16-6.1: Indemnity of officers and employees in certain criminal, quasi-criminal actions.

18a:16-7: Salaries in first-class cities; payment

18a:16-8: Salary deductions for government bonds

18a:16-9: Responsibility of board

18a:16-11: Compensation of de facto officer or employee

18a:16-12: Definitions relative to group insurance.

18a:16-13: Entering into group life, hospitalization, health and accident insurance contracts

18a:16-13.1: Provision of group insurance, certain, by board of education for employees, dependents.

18a:16-14: Exclusions from eligibility

18a:16-15: Limitations, exclusions to avoid duplication of benefits

18a:16-16: Termination of coverage

18a:16-17: Premiums; payment by board of education.

18a:16-17.1: Contributions by employees of a local board of education toward cost of health care benefits coverage.

18a:16-17.2: Negotiations for benefits as if full premium share included in prior contract.

18a:16-18: Coverage after retirement

18a:16-19: Payment for coverage

18a:16-19.1: Establishment of cafeteria plan for health benefits by board of education.

18a:16-20: Multiple coverage; summary of cost of each coverage to be furnished to board

18a:16-21: Copy of insurance contract to be filed with State Employees Health Benefits Commission

18a:16-22: Validation of contracts executed prior to act