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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 17 - Removal, etc., of secretaries, assistant secretaries, school business administrators and business managers during terms of office

18a:17-1: Removal, etc., of secretaries, assistant secretaries, school business administrators and business managers during terms of office

18a:17-2: Tenure of secretaries, assistant secretaries, school business administrators, business managers and secretarial and clerical employees

18a:17-3: Tenure of janitorial employees

18a:17-4: Reduction in number of janitorial employees

18a:17-5: Appointment of secretary of board of education; terms; compensation; vacancy.

18a:17-6: Bond of secretary.

18a:17-7: Notices, minutes, special meetings

18a:17-8: Duties of secretary as general accountant of board.

18a:17-9: Monthly reconciliation of bank account statements; report by secretary.

18a:17-9.1: Board secretary to receive, hold moneys in certain districts.

18a:17-9.2: Board secretary to keep records in certain districts.

18a:17-10: Secretary; annual report

18a:17-11: Secretary; taking oaths

18a:17-12: Secretary; annual financial report to commissioner

18a:17-12.1: Secretary; retirement on pension; amount

18a:17-12.2: Secretary; pension funds

18a:17-13: Assistant and acting secretaries; appointment, powers and duties

18a:17-14: Clerks in secretary's office

18a:17-14.1: Appointment of school business administrator; duties; subcontracting; tenure acquisition.

18a:17-14.2: Qualifications

18a:17-14.3: Secretary or business manager appointed school administrator; tenure

18a:17-14.4: Compliance with requirements for income tax on compensation of administrators.

18a:17-15: Appointment of superintendents; terms; apportionment of expense

18a:17-15.1: Required provision of superintendent's employment contract.

18a:17-16: Appointment and removal of assistant superintendents

18a:17-17: Certificate required

18a:17-18: Full time required of superintendents; when

18a:17-19: Salaries

18a:17-19.1: Bonus in employment contract of superintendent prohibited under certain circumstances.

18a:17-20: Superintendent; general powers and duties

18a:17-20.1: Reappointment of superintendent.

18a:17-20.2: Dismissal of superintendent

18a:17-20.2a: Required actions relative to early termination of superintendent's employment contract.

18a:17-20.3: Evaluation of superintendent's performance

18a:17-20.4: Tenure rights not affected

18a:17-20.5: Appointment of administrative principal

18a:17-21: Annual report to commissioner

18a:17-22: Assistant superintendent; duties

18a:17-23: Suspension of assistant superintendent

18a:17-24: Clerks in superintendent's office

18a:17-24.1: Sharing of superintendent, school business administrator; procedure

18a:17-24.2: Contract for sharing superintendent, school business administrator

18a:17-24.3: Appointment of shared superintendent, school business administrator; terms

18a:17-24.4: Grounds for dismissal of shared superintendent, school business administrator

18a:17-24.5: Position of shared superintendent, business administrator not tenurable

18a:17-24.6: Determination of initial terms, conditions of employment contract

18a:17-24.7: Individual evaluation of shared superintendent, school business administrator

18a:17-24.8: Mediation of contract disputes

18a:17-24.9: Law supersedes "Interlocal Services Act".

18a:17-25: Appointment; salary; removal

18a:17-26: Bond of business manager

18a:17-27: Attendance upon meetings of the board

18a:17-28: Duties of business manager

18a:17-29: Appointment of clerks

18a:17-30: Business assistants; appointments, etc.

18a:17-31: Treasurer of school moneys.

18a:17-32: Bond of treasurer

18a:17-33: Compensation

18a:17-34: Receipt and disposition of moneys.

18a:17-35: Records of receipts and payments

18a:17-36: Accounting; monthly and annual reports

18a:17-41: Rules and regulations governing janitorial employees

18a:17-42: Preamble; purpose of article

18a:17-43: Employment of law enforcement officers

18a:17-43.1: Training course required for service as safe schools resource officer, liaison to law enforcement.

18a:17-43.2: New Jersey School Safety Specialist Academy, Certification programs.

18a:17-43.3: Designation of school safety specialist.

18a:17-45: Rules and regulations to be established by commissioner

18a:17-46: Reporting of certain acts by school employee; report; public hearing.

18a:17-47: Discharge of, or discrimination against, school employee who files report

18a:17-48: Annual report to Legislature.

18a:17-49: Definitions relative to public school facilities

18a:17-50: Conditions of employing building and grounds supervisor

18a:17-51: Applicant to provide certification documentation.

18a:17-52: Rules, regulations

18a:17-53: Issuance of authorization to serve as educational facilities manager.

18a:17-54: Application for renewal of authorization.