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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 20 - Title in board of education

18a:20-1: Title in board of education

18a:20-2: Purchase and sale of property in general

18a:20-2.1: Transfer of title of painting or work of art to municipality; public display

18a:20-2.2: Use of school district surplus funds for joint acquisition of land for recreation, conservation purposes.

18a:20-3: Acquisition of outstanding interest in real property

18a:20-4: Acceptance and use of gifts

18a:20-4.1: Type II districts; acquisition of property without authorization of voters

18a:20-4.2: Powers of boards concerning real property.

18a:20-4.3: Construction, alteration or repair work upon premises to be leased to board of education; public work

18a:20-4.4: Contract provision for payment of prevailing wage rate; necessity

18a:20-4.5: Contractor's or subcontractor's failure to pay prevailing wage; determination and effect

18a:20-5: Disposition of property and title of purchaser.

18a:20-6: Public sale; advertisement; exception

18a:20-7: Sale at fixed minimum prices; rejection of bids

18a:20-8: Exchange of lands.

18a:20-8.1: Transfer of land for vocational school purposes.

18a:20-8.2: Lease of school lands.

18a:20-9: Conveyance of certain school property for public, civic purposes for nominal consideration.

18a:20-9.1: Conveyance of certain sewer lines to a municipality

18a:20-9.2: Sale of school property to nonprofit private school for the handicapped.

18a:20-10: Lands conveyed on condition

18a:20-11: Property devised in trust

18a:20-12: Proceedings to sell; when authorized

18a:20-13: Sale of real estate charged with private bequest

18a:20-14: Sale; when ordered

18a:20-15: Conveyance; title of purchaser

18a:20-16: Investment of proceeds under direction of superior court

18a:20-17: Equipping and establishing playgrounds, etc., funds

18a:20-18: Transfer by municipality to board of education

18a:20-19: Funds for maintenance of playgrounds and recreation places

18a:20-20: Control and regulation of playgrounds and recreation places

18a:20-21: Supervisors and other employees

18a:20-22: School districts joining with municipality or county in equipment and operation

18a:20-23: Local improvement assessments; payment of

18a:20-24: Funds; how raised

18a:20-25: Insurance of property

18a:20-26: Board of education of city district may insure in municipal fund

18a:20-27: Each building and its contents insured separately

18a:20-28: Fixing and payment of premiums

18a:20-29: Investment of premiums

18a:20-30: Appropriations to municipal fund

18a:20-31: Adjustment and payment of losses

18a:20-32: Commissioners may insure buildings and property in insurance companies

18a:20-33: Insurance money; use for reconstruction or repair

18a:20-34: Schoolhouse, rooms; permitted usage

18a:20-34.1: Rules, regulations relative to child care services, programs

18a:20-36: Commissioner may order alteration or abandonment of buildings

18a:20-37: Purchase of certain types of securities; definitions

18a:20-38: Record of receipt; report; filing; transmittal of securities to depository

18a:20-39: Securities not to be canceled; sale; resolution

18a:20-40: Testing for radon in public school building