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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 22 - Number of members; appointments; vacancies

18a:22-1: Number of members; appointments; vacancies

18a:22-2: Secretary

18a:22-3: Application of subarticle

18a:22-4: Membership; terms; vacancies

18a:22-5: Majority of all members

18a:22-6: Secretary

18a:22-7: Budgets; preparation

18a:22-8: Contents of budget; format.

18a:22-8a: "User-friendly" plain language budget summary forms for school districts; information; submission; availability.

18a:22-8b: Required promulgation of forms, procedures.

18a:22-8c: Rules, regulations to effectuate certain budgeting, fiscal procedures.

18a:22-8.1: Transfer of funds, conditions.

18a:22-8.2: Certain transfers not allowed

18a:22-9: Categories of expenditures; fixing

18a:22-10: Fixing date, etc., for public hearing

18a:22-11: Notice of public hearing

18a:22-12: Contents of notice.

18a:22-13: Public hearing; objections; heard, etc.

18a:22-14: Board of school estimate of type I district to determine appropriation amount

18a:22-15: Appropriations, how made

18a:22-16: Resumption of school year appropriations

18a:22-17: Tax ordinance; assessment, levy and collection of appropriations; notice of intent to appeal amount of appropriation

18a:22-18: Capital projects; appropriations; estimation.

18a:22-19: Determination of local share amount.

18a:22-20: Capital projects; appropriations; how raised

18a:22-21: Additional appropriations; purposes; estimation

18a:22-22: Additional appropriations; fixing and certifying

18a:22-23: Additional appropriations; raising.

18a:22-24: Charter limitations on tax rate, etc., inapplicable

18a:22-25: Borrowing against appropriation on notes

18a:22-26: Board of school estimate, board of education of type II district to determine appropriation amount.

18a:22-27: Type II districts with boards of school estimate; estimate by board of education; certification of estimate.

18a:22-28: Public hearing by board of school estimate; notice.

18a:22-29: Public hearing, public participation.

18a:22-30: Determination of amount to be raised locally.

18a:22-31: Determination of amounts by board of school estimate

18a:22-32: Appropriation determination for certain type II districts.

18a:22-33: Submission of budget and authorization of tax.

18a:22-34: Appropriations; how assessed, levied and raised

18a:22-35: Resumption of school year appropriations

18a:22-37: Determination by municipalities.

18a:22-38: Failure to certify; commissioner to act; amount included in tax levy.

18a:22-39: Type II districts without board of school estimate; submission of capital projects.

18a:22-40: Raising additional sums by taxes

18a:22-41: Submission of question to voters.

18a:22-42: Borrowing upon notes in anticipation of taxes

18a:22-43: Year in which amount certified is to be raised

18a:22-44: Payment of amounts raised to custodian; use.

18a:22-44.1: Borrowing by Type II district for current expenses and repairs; payment

18a:22-44.2: State school aid payments not made until following school budget year; borrowing.

18a:22-45: Moneys transferred from municipality to district; application thereof

18a:22-46: Amounts to be used in reduction of taxes; when required

18a:22-47: Reduction of local taxes by sums received

18a:22-48: Balance credited to general fund