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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 23 - Audit, when and how made.

18a:23-1: Audit, when and how made.

18a:23-2: Scope of audit

18a:23-2.1: Annual audit to assure income tax compliance on reporting compensation.

18a:23-3: Filing; summary of recommendations; publication

18a:23-4: Preparation and distribution of synopsis or summary

18a:23-5: Meeting of board; discussion of report

18a:23-6: Annual audit by commissioner on failure of board to make

18a:23-7: Report signed by auditor, not to employ nonlicensed auditors

18a:23-8: Audit made by licensed public school accountant; fee

18a:23-9: Declaration of accountant

18a:23-10: Cancellation of license; review

18a:23-11: Audit contrary to law; penalty