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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 24 -

18a:24-1: Definitions

18a:24-2: Borrowing on tuition due from another district

18a:24-3: Borrowing in anticipation of issuance of bonds

18a:24-3.1: Rules and regulations

18a:24-4: Payment of principal of temporary bonds from proceeds of permanent bonds

18a:24-4.1: Borrowing funds for transportation of pupils to and from school saved

18a:24-5: Purposes and maturities for which bonds may be issued

18a:24-6: Bonds payable in installments

18a:24-7: Change of maturities; application to local finance board

18a:24-8: Change of maturities; approval or disapproval by local finance board

18a:24-9: Issuance of bonds in accordance with maturities approved by local finance board

18a:24-9.1: Inclusion of redemption provisions in temporary loan notes or bonds and school bonds

18a:24-10: School bonds, when deemed to be authorized

18a:24-11: Type I districts; authorization of bonds; appropriations and borrowings; procedure to be followed

18a:24-11.1: Newark; school bonds; authorization

18a:24-11.2: Bond authorization process continued

18a:24-12: Type II districts; authorization of bonds

18a:24-13: Combining issues of bonds

18a:24-13.1: Attorneys; compensation; services on issuance of bonds

18a:24-16: Supplemental debt statements; necessity for and contents.

18a:24-17: Supplemental debt statement; preparation with respect to various municipalities; filing

18a:24-18: Presumption of filing and correctness of statements

18a:24-19: School district bonds

18a:24-20: Authorization of bonds in excess of limits prescribed in section 18A:24-19; exception of type I districts

18a:24-21: Manner of authorization of bonds in excess of certain limitations

18a:24-22: Form of ordinance, proposition for confirmation of ordinance or proposal for issuance of bonds under sections 18A:24-20 and 18A:24-21

18a:24-23: Authorization of bonds in excess of limitations prescribed by section 18A:24-19

18a:24-24: Form of ordinance, proposition for confirmation of ordinance or proposal for issuance of bonds under section 18A:24-23

18a:24-25: Submission to commissioner and local finance board; limiting conditions

18a:24-26: Approval or disapproval by commissioner

18a:24-27: Approval or disapproval by local finance board

18a:24-27.1: Authorization to commissioner to certify required grade levels of instruction

18a:24-28: Charter limitations on indebtedness inapplicable

18a:24-28.1: Certain bonds, etc., issued to June 22, 1964 saved

18a:24-29: Issuance of bonds; ordinance, submission to voters

18a:24-30: Transmission of certified copy of bond proposal

18a:24-31: Form; type I districts

18a:24-32: Form and execution; type II districts

18a:24-33: Coupon and registered bonds; conversion, etc.

18a:24-34: Conversion or reconversion of unmatured bonds; lost, defaced or destroyed bonds; reissuance

18a:24-35: Type I districts

18a:24-36: Public sale of bonds.

18a:24-37: Notice of sale of bonds.

18a:24-38: Contents of notice when proposals are the same

18a:24-39: Special provisions for two or more issues.

18a:24-40: Cash premium not to exceed $1,000.00

18a:24-41: Deposit by bidders.

18a:24-42: Sealed bids, proposals opened publicly.

18a:24-43: Rejection of proposals

18a:24-44: Sale or delivery in installments

18a:24-45: Private sale if no bids at public sale

18a:24-46: Private sale to public agencies

18a:24-47: Payment to custodian; application

18a:24-48: Application of proceeds to new purpose; in districts having boards of school estimate; certification by boards of education

18a:24-49: Application of proceeds to new purpose in type I district; determination by board of school estimate

18a:24-50: New purpose; determination by board of school estimate in type II districts

18a:24-51: New purpose; submission to voters in type II districts having no boards of school estimate

18a:24-52: Approval of submission by commissioner

18a:24-53: Approval by voters

18a:24-54: Transfer of remaining unapplied balance

18a:24-55: Contracts made before issuance of bonds

18a:24-56: Lien of bonds of type II district

18a:24-57: Payment of interest and principal from taxes

18a:24-58: Borrowing to pay principal and interest

18a:24-59: Disposition of funds for payment of principal and interest on obligations.

18a:24-60: Cancellation and disposition of paid obligations

18a:24-61: Renewal or refunding of obligations prohibited; exceptions

18a:24-61.1: Funding or refunding bonds at or prior to maturity

18a:24-61.2: Purposes for which refunding bonds may be authorized; exclusions from net school debt.

18a:24-61.3: Refunding bond ordinance; manner of sale and issuance

18a:24-61.4: Supplemental debt statement, adoption of refunding bond ordinance; provisions.

18a:24-61.5: Certified copy of refunding bond ordinance; filing.

18a:24-61.6: Powers and duties of local finance board

18a:24-61.7: Consent by board; considerations; statement of reasons for refusal

18a:24-61.8: Title; dates; interest; denomination; payment; redemption

18a:24-61.9: Sale or exchange of refunding bonds

18a:24-61.10: Sinking fund or reserve fund moneys; payment or retirement of refunded bonds or deposit in trust

18a:24-61.11: Refunding bonds for refunding bonds due over five year period; investments

18a:24-61.12: Powers under this Act and validity of refunding bonds not affected by laws or proceedings

18a:24-62: Authorization of issuance of certain refunding bonds saved

18a:24-63: Bonds authorized prior to change in method of government of school district

18a:24-64: Issuance of bonds authorized prior to effective date of this title

18a:24-65: Expiration date for contesting validity of proceeding, election

18a:24-66: Authorization

18a:24-67: Application for authorization; grant of authorization; certificate; publication of notice of certificate; conclusiveness of validity of bonds

18a:24-68: Purpose of act

18a:24-69: Contracts with financial institutions as agents; terms of advance subscription

18a:24-70: Bond resolution; provisions

18a:24-71: Investment of proceeds; disposition of excess borrowed over authorizations; reserve for payment of bonds

18a:24-72: Maturity date

18a:24-73: Annual installment to retire bonds; calculation; school budget item; sinking fund; disposition of excess

18a:24-74: Temporary borrowings to meet redemptions

18a:24-75: Municipal ordinance for guaranty; authorization

18a:24-76: Modification or revocation of right or interest of bondholder

18a:24-77: Grounds for grant of authorization

18a:24-78: Application to issue of other bonds

18a:24-79: Net debt of board of education; calculation; net debt of municipality

18a:24-80: Exemption from taxation

18a:24-81: Payroll deductions for purchase of bonds

18a:24-82: Legal investment for fiduciaries or other representative

18a:24-83: Bonds as gift to minor or for purchase for beneficiary

18a:24-84: Construction of act; severability; validity of bonds

18a:24-85: Short title

18a:24-86: Legislative findings

18a:24-87: Definitions.

18a:24-88: Qualified bonds; issuance; resolution by local board of education or municipality; application to commissioner; resolution of approval by state board;

18a:24-89: Endorsement of consent of local finance board; conditions

18a:24-90: Revision of maturity schedule approved by local finance board; application; approval; endorsement

18a:24-91: Recitals; method of authorization and issue; maturity; provisions for protection of bondholders

18a:24-92: Bond anticipation notes

18a:24-93: Certification to state treasurer of debt service and paying agent; withholding state school aid to pay bonds; guarantee to bondholders

18a:24-94: Annual budget of school district or municipality; inclusion of debt service on qualified bonds

18a:24-95: Application to projects commenced prior to effective date of act

18a:24-96: Severability

18a:24-97: Issuance in absence of compliance with provisions as to approval for qualification upon adoption of funding ordinances or resolutions; refunding bonds