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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 26 - Citizenship requirement for teachers, exceptions

18a:26-1: Citizenship requirement for teachers, exceptions

18a:26-1.1: Residence requirements prohibited

18a:26-2: Certificates required; exception

18a:26-2a: Definitions relative to employment of novice teachers; registration with DOE.

18a:26-2.1: Certification for director of athletics

18a:26-2.2: Current director of athletics, continuance of employment

18a:26-2.3: Rules, regulations relative to certification of swimming teachers in public schools.

18a:26-2.4: Certification required for appointment as school athletic trainer; exceptions

18a:26-2.5: Rules relative to athletic trainer licensure

18a:26-2.6: Instructional certificate; technology education endorsement; industrial arts endorsement

18a:26-2.7: Rules

18a:26-2.8: Instruction in autism, developmental disabilities awareness, teaching methods, required for N.J. instructional certificate.

18a:26-2.9: Recommendations for autism, developmental disabilities awareness instruction, teaching methods.

18a:26-2.10: Regulations.

18a:26-2.11: Findings, declarations relative to shortages of mathematics, science teachers.

18a:26-2.12: Program to issue subject area endorsements in certain areas.

18a:26-2.13: Rules, regulations.

18a:26-2.14: Teaching certification for certain military spouses.

18a:26-2.15: Programming to improve student career readiness.

18a:26-2.16: Eligibility for standard educational services certificate with school counselor endorsement.

18a:26-2.17: Rules, regulations.

18a:26-2.18: Teacher leader endorsement.

18a:26-2.19: Teacher Leader Endorsement Advisory Board.

18a:26-2.20: Application to offer program of study for the teacher leader endorsement.

18a:26-2.21: Construction of act.

18a:26-2.22: Rules, regulations.

18a:26-2.23: Special education requirements for instructional certificate.

18a:26-2.24: Credit hours in autism spectrum disorder required.

18a:26-2.25: Rules, regulations.

18a:26-2.26: Computer science education endorsement to the instructional certificate.

18a:26-2.27: Rules, regulations.

18a:26-3: City school district examiners

18a:26-4: Qualifications of city district examiners

18a:26-5: Certificates granted by city district examiners

18a:26-6: Certificates required for employment of teaching staff members in districts having city district examiners

18a:26-7: Certificate fee

18a:26-8.1: Issuance of teacher's certificate to noncitizen

18a:26-8.2: "School leader" defined; training as part of professional development.

18a:26-9: Oath of allegiance and office; executed, etc., prerequisite to issuance of certificate

18a:26-10: Suspension of certificate for wrongful cessation of performance of duties; "approved private school for the disabled" defined.

18a:26-11: Interstate agreement on qualification of educational personnel; enactment

18a:26-12: Declaration of policy; purpose of agreement; findings

18a:26-13: Definitions

18a:26-14: Contracts for acceptance of personnel; provisions; term; annual report

18a:26-15: Educational preparation programs

18a:26-16: Multilateral contracts; co-operation of States

18a:26-17: Evaluation of progress; recommendations

18a:26-18: Other arrangements or practices

18a:26-19: Effective date; withdrawal

18a:26-20: Liberal construction; severability of provisions

18a:26-21: Designated state official

18a:26-22: Copies of contracts; filing; publication

18a:26-23: Short title