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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 27 - Appointment of teaching staff members; vote required

18a:27-1: Appointment of teaching staff members; vote required

18a:27-2: Employment without certificate prohibited

18a:27-2.1: Employment without certification; utilization of institution not chartered as institution of higher education

18a:27-2.2: Employment of teachers from foreign countries under certain conditions

18a:27-2.3: Authorization for employment of teachers from foreign countries, requirements for certification

18a:27-3: Employment for school year

18a:27-3.1: Evaluation of nontenured teaching staff

18a:27-3.2: Teaching staff member; notice of termination; statement of reasons; request; written answer

18a:27-3.3: Rules

18a:27-3.4: Inapplicability of act to teaching staff employees and administrative officers of county colleges

18a:27-4: Power of boards of education to make rules governing employment of teacher, etc.; employment thereunder

18a:27-4a: Definitions relative to employment of novice teachers; benefits of employment.

18a:27-4.1: Board of Education, procedure for certain personnel actions; recommendation of chief school administrator

18a:27-5: Written contracts of employment required

18a:27-6: Contents of contracts

18a:27-7: Contract forms

18a:27-8: Filing of contracts

18a:27-9: Teaching after notice of termination of contract

18a:27-10: Written offer or notice to nontenure teachers

18a:27-10.1: Findings, declarations relative to teaching paraprofessionals.

18a:27-10.2: Contract, written notice relative to employment of paraprofessional.

18a:27-10.3: Dismissal, reduction in compensation; conditions.

18a:27-10.4: Student teaching performed in district of employment.

18a:27-11: Failure to give timely notice of termination as offer of employment for next succeeding year

18a:27-12: Notice of acceptance; deadline

18a:27-13: Inapplicability of act to teaching staff employees of county colleges