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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 28 - Definition of "position"

18a:28-1: Definition of "position"

18a:28-2: Civil service employees not affected

18a:28-3: No tenure for noncitizens

18a:28-4: Requirements for certain school personnel to acquire tenure, exceptions

18a:28-5: Requirements for tenure.

18a:28-5.1: Tenure upon transfer to an underperforming school.

18a:28-6: Tenure upon transfer or promotion.

18a:28-6.1: Tenure upon discontinuance of school

18a:28-7: Certain tenure of service and tenure of service rights saved

18a:28-8: Notice of intention to resign required

18a:28-9: Reduction of force; power to reduce and reasons for reduction

18a:28-10: Reasons for dismissals of persons under tenure on account of reduction

18a:28-11: Seniority; board to determine; notice and advisory opinion

18a:28-11.1: Credit for military service

18a:28-12: Reemployment in order of seniority

18a:28-13: Establishment of standards of seniority by commissioner

18a:28-14: Teaching staff members not certified; not protected; exception

18a:28-15: Effect of change of government of district on tenure

18a:28-16: Operation of certain schools by State agencies; sick leave; tenure, pension rights of staff members

18a:28-17: Operation of certain schools by local school districts; sick leave; tenure, pension rights of teaching staff members

18a:28-18: Compliance with certain notice requirements