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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 29 - Uncertified teacher denied salary

18a:29-1: Uncertified teacher denied salary

18a:29-2: Equality of compensation for male and female teachers

18a:29-3: Summer payment plans; continuance of plan to raise funds

18a:29-4: Withholding salary for failure to perform duties.

18a:29-4.1: Salary policy schedules

18a:29-4.2: Payment of school nurse according to teachers' salary guide

18a:29-4.3: Teaching staff members with full-time supervisory or administrative responsibilities; salary schedule

18a:29-5: $18,500 minimum salary

18a:29-5.1: Short title

18a:29-5.2: Findings, declarations

18a:29-5.3: Mandatory minimum

18a:29-5.4: Extracurricular activities, summer employment excluded

18a:29-5.5: No automatic salary increases

18a:29-5.6: Determination of teacher base salary.

18a:29-9: Agreement as to initial salaries

18a:29-11: Credit for military services

18a:29-13: Increase of salaries or increments

18a:29-14: Withholding increments; causes; notice of appeals

18a:29-15: Salary schedules in force

18a:29-16: Emergency certificates; day-by-day basis substitute