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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 3 - Annual report of sources of financial assistance

18a:3-14.1: Annual report of sources of financial assistance

18a:3-14.2: Distribution of report

18a:3-15.1: Deceptive diploma practices

18a:3-15.2: Use of fraudulent degree

18a:3-15.3: Letter designation restricted

18a:3-15.4: Out-of-State degrees.

18a:3-15.5: Civil penalty

18a:3-19.1: Definitions

18a:3-19.2: Disclosure of foreign gifts

18a:3-19.3: Information to the Department of the Treasury

18a:3-19.4: Public record

18a:3-24: Findings, declarations

18a:3-25: Pledge's Bill of Rights

18a:3-26: Information on hazing included

18a:3-27: Distribution

18a:3-28: Display, certain, of students' social security numbers prohibited.

18a:3-29: Definitions relative to disclosure of personal information for certain electronic communications devices to institutions of higher education.

18a:3-30: Actions prohibited by institution of higher education.

18a:3-31: Waiver, limitation of protection by student, requirement prohibited.

18a:3-32: Violations, remedies.