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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 30 - Definition of sick leave

18a:30-1: Definition of sick leave

18a:30-2: Sick leave allowable

18a:30-2.1: Sick leave payment for service connected disability; satisfactory service

18a:30-3: Accumulated sick leave

18a:30-3.1: Accumulated sick leave rights preserved

18a:30-3.2: Credited with unused sick leave

18a:30-3.3: Certificate issued showing unused sick leave

18a:30-3.4: Accumulation of sick leave credited; use; accumulation; leave irrevocable

18a:30-3.5: Payment for accumulated sick leave by board of education.

18a:30-3.6: Cap on compensation for unused sick leave from board of education.

18a:30-4: Physician's certificate required for sick leave

18a:30-5: Commissioner to enforce chapter

18a:30-6: Prolonged absence beyond sick leave period

18a:30-7: Power of boards of education to pay salaries

18a:30-8: Athletic competition on world, Pan American or Olympic level; reimbursement by state

18a:30-9: Payment for accumulated vacation leave by board of education.

18a:30-9.1: Use of accrued vacation leave by board of education employee.

18a:30-10: Establishment of sick leave bank for employees of board of education.

18a:30-11: Administration of sick leave bank.

18a:30-12: Certain policies unaffected.

18a:30-13: Construction of act.