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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 33 - District to furnish suitable facilities; adoption of courses of study

18a:33-1: District to furnish suitable facilities; adoption of courses of study

18a:33-1.1: Substandard facility; approval; inspection; abandonment

18a:33-1.2: Rules and regulations

18a:33-2: Penalty for failure to provide proper facilities.

18a:33-2.1: Closing high school; contracting with another district; referendum

18a:33-3: Food service bidding exemption

18a:33-3.1: Establishment of prepaid school lunch program.

18a:33-4: School lunch; availability to all children

18a:33-5: Exemptions

18a:33-6: Display of poster illustrating choke prevention techniques

18a:33-7: Posting of drinking water test reports by public schools.

18a:33-8: Posting of drinking water test reports by nonpublic schools.

18a:33-9: Findings, declarations relative to school breakfast programs

18a:33-10: Establishment of School Breakfast Program in certain schools

18a:33-11: Implementation of school breakfast program by district

18a:33-11.1: "Breakfast after the bell" program; report to Governor, Legislature.

18a:33-11.2: Findings, declarations relative to the "breakfast after the bell" program.

18a:33-11.3: Establishment of "breakfast after the bell" program in certain public schools.

18a:33-11.4: Program subject to certain requirements.

18a:33-11.5: Guidelines.

18a:33-11.6: Rules, regulations.

18a:33-12: One-year waiver permitted under certain circumstances

18a:33-13: Construction of act

18a:33-14: Rules, regulations

18a:33-14.1: Report of nonparticipation in school meal programs.

18a:33-15: Findings, declarations relative to food, beverages sold to certain school pupils.

18a:33-16: Regulation of items sold, served, given away on school property.

18a:33-17: Applicability to certain nonpublic schools.

18a:33-18: Rules, regulations; compliance monitoring.

18a:33-19: Nonpreemption of more stringent policies.

18a:33-20: Public schools authorized to serve certain produce grown in community gardens.

18a:33-21: Schools meals, notification to parent of payment in arrears before denying to student.

18a:33-22: "Nourishing Young Minds Initiative Fund."

18a:33-23: Notification relative to summer meals program.

18a:33-24: Implementation of Summer Food Service Program.

18a:33-25: Application.

18a:33-26: Waiver.

18a:33-27: Rules, regulations.