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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 35 - 2-year course of study in history

18a:35-1: 2-year course of study in history

18a:35-2: Contents of course of study

18a:35-2.1: Civics curriculum guidelines

18a:35-3: Course in civics, geography and history of New Jersey

18a:35-4.1: Course of study in principles of humanity

18a:35-4.2: Career development program

18a:35-4.3: Sexual assault prevention education program

18a:35-4.4: Advisory Council.

18a:35-4.5: Establishment of program; voluntary participation

18a:35-4.6: Title of act

18a:35-4.7: Parent's statement of conflict with conscience

18a:35-4.8: Medical treatment or examination; objection of parent or guardian

18a:35-4.9: Pupil promotion, remediation policies, procedures

18a:35-4.10: Rules, regulations

18a:35-4.11: Findings, declarations

18a:35-4.12: Curriculum guidelines for agricultural science education programs

18a:35-4.13: Evaluation of agricultural science courses, programs

18a:35-4.14: Agricultural science proficiencies included in science core courses

18a:35-4.15: Findings, declarations

18a:35-4.16: Instruction in chess; guidelines

18a:35-4.17: Notification to students of risks of using computer services for illegal purposes; guidelines.

18a:35-4.18: Credit for world language course not offered by public school

18a:35-4.18.1: American Sign Language recognized as world language for meeting high school graduation requirements.

18a:35-4.19: Short title.

18a:35-4.20: Sex education programs to stress abstinence.

18a:35-4.21: Abstinence from sexual activity stressed in curriculum.

18a:35-4.22: Avoidance of IV drug use stressed.

18a:35-4.23: Domestic violence, child abuse, instruction on those problems

18a:35-4.23a: Dating violence education incorporated into health education curriculum.

18a:35-4.24: Definitions relative to alternative education projects.

18a:35-4.25: Refusal to participate in certain school activities related to animal dissection, etc.

18a:35-4.26: Instruction in gang violence prevention; required for elementary school students.

18a:35-4.28: Instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, use of automated external defibrillator for certain students.

18a:35-4.29: Instruction provided.

18a:35-4.30: Weighting of certain courses in calculating pupil grade point averages.

18a:35-4.27: Instruction on responsible use of social media.

18a:35-5: Maintenance of physical training courses; features

18a:35-5.1: Lyme Disease curriculum guidelines

18a:35-5.2: Availability of guidelines

18a:35-5.3: Guidelines for, training of teachers instructing infected students

18a:35-5.4: Instruction on breast self-examination required

18a:35-6: Supervision of instruction

18a:35-7: Course required

18a:35-8: Time devoted to course

18a:35-9: Qualifications of teachers; instruction of college pupils

18a:35-10: Military training course; when required; preparation

18a:35-11: Military training; referendum

18a:35-12: Result of election; establishment of course

18a:35-13: Expenses of maintaining military training

18a:35-14: Instructors in military training; qualifications; salary

18a:35-15: Legislative findings

18a:35-16: Definitions

18a:35-17: Identification and classification of children of limited English-speaking ability

18a:35-18: Programs in bilingual education; establishment; number of pupils; waiver

18a:35-19: Period of continuance of participation by pupil

18a:35-19.1: Transfer of bilingual pupil to English-only program

18a:35-19.2: Appeal of placement decision

18a:35-19.3: Rules, regulations

18a:35-20: Participation in courses in which verbalization unessential to understanding of subject matter; location of and children in bilingual programs

18a:35-21: Joint establishment by school districts

18a:35-22: Notification of parents; involvement in programs

18a:35-22.1: Removal of pupil from bilingual education program

18a:35-23: Implementation of provisions

18a:35-24: State Advisory Committee on Bilingual Education; establishment; membership

18a:35-25: Financial support to institutions of higher education

18a:35-26: Developmental activities

18a:35-26.1: Guidance on identifying English language learners for gifted and talented programs.

18a:35-27: Findings, declarations

18a:35-28: Instruction on Holocaust, genocides required in elementary, secondary school curriculum

18a:35-29: Short title.

18a:35-30: Definitions relative to alternative education programs.

18a:35-31: Operation of alternative education program permitted.

18a:35-32: Agreement for provision of services to out-of-district student.

18a:35-33: Regulations.