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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 36 - School year

18a:36-1: School year

18a:36-2: Time when schools are open; determination

18a:36-3: Display of and salute to flag; pledge of allegiance

18a:36-4: Period of silence

18a:36-5: "Special Education Week" designated

18a:36-5.1: "School Violence Awareness Week"; designated.

18a:36-6: Observance of flag day

18a:36-7: Designation of Arbor Day

18a:36-10: Designation of Commodore Barry Day

18a:36-11: Observance of Commodore Barry Day

18a:36-12: Exercises on Commodore Barry Day

18a:36-13: Patriotic exercises preceding holidays.

18a:36-13.1: Observation of certain holidays by school district.

18a:36-13.2: Excused absence for certain pupils on Veterans Day.

18a:36-14: Religious holidays; absence of pupils on; effect

18a:36-15: Absence because of religious holidays as excused absence

18a:36-16: Rules regarding religious holidays

18a:36-17: Credit of seniors in active military and naval service, etc.

18a:36-18: Books containing organic laws at graduation

18a:36-19: Pupil records; creation, maintenance and retention, security and access; regulations; nonliability

18a:36-19a: Student records.

18a:36-19.1: Military recruitment in public schools

18a:36-19.2: School locker inspection

18a:36-20: Discrimination; prohibition

18a:36-21: Field trips; costs to be borne by parents or guardians, exceptions, financial hardship

18a:36-22: "Field trip" defined

18a:36-23: No student prohibited from attending field trip

18a:36-24: Missing children; legislative findings and declarations

18a:36-25: Early detection of missing and abused children; policies of school districts

18a:36-25.1: Certified copy of birth certificate required for enrollment in school, records

18a:36-25.2: Investigation, reporting of certain pupil absences, transfers.

18a:36-25.3: Rules, regulations.

18a:36-25.4: Short title.

18a:36-25.5: Findings, declarations relative to child abduction.

18a:36-25.6: Report of absence.

18a:36-26: Compliance with act

18a:36-27: Voting information.

18a:36-28: Rules, regulations

18a:36-29: Fingerprinting of students

18a:36-30: Assistance of school officials; authorization

18a:36-31: Fingerprint card

18a:36-32: Fine for permitting cigarette machines on school property

18a:36-33: Pupils serving as district board of election members, excused absence

18a:36-34: School surveys, certain, parental consent required before administration

18a:36-35: Disclosure of certain student information on Internet prohibited without parental consent.

18a:36-36: Pupil information, certain, classroom materials; rules.

18a:36-37: "Student-athlete" defined, rules for maintenance of amateur status; violations, penalties.

18a:36-38: Classroom placement of twins, higher multiples, selection by parent, guardian.

18a:36-39: Notification by school to certain persons using certain electronic devices; fine.

18a:36-40: Written policy concerning electronic communications between school employees and students.

18a:36-41: Development, distribution of guidelines concerning transgender students.

18a:36-42: Guidance, resources provided.