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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 36C -

18a:36C-1: Short title.

18a:36C-2: Findings, declarations relative to the "Urban Hope Act."

18a:36C-3: Definitions relative to the "Urban Hope Act."

18a:36C-4: Application to create renaissance school district.

18a:36C-5: Limitation on renaissance projects per district, review of applications.

18a:36C-6: Contract, filing of organizational document.

18a:36C-7: Renaissance schools considered public schools.

18a:36C-7.1: Funding for temporary facility.

18a:36C-8: Enrollment in renaissance school.

18a:36C-9: Employees of renaissance school project.

18a:36C-10: Authorization of renaissance school project, renewal.

18a:36C-11: Conveyance of land by authority to renaissance school project.

18a:36C-12: Conveyance of land by board of education to renaissance school project.

18a:36C-13: Regulations.

18a:36C-14: Compliance concerning students with disabilities.

18a:36C-15: Local education agency designation for application for certain funds.

18a:36C-16: Title to project to revert to board of education under certain circumstances.

18a:36C-17: Authorization to enter into certain agreements.

18a:36C-18: Establishment of residency.

18a:36C-19: Exemption from facility efficiency standards.