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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 37 - Submission of pupils to authority

18a:37-1: Submission of pupils to authority

18a:37-2: Causes for suspension, expulsion of pupils.

18a:37-2a: Conditions for suspension, expulsion of certain students.

18a:37-2b: Early detection and prevention program.

18a:37-2.1: Suspension, expulsion of pupil for assault, appeal; report

18a:37-2.2: Offense by pupil involving assault, removal from school's regular education program

18a:37-2.3: Responsibility for removal, report

18a:37-2.4: Hearing

18a:37-2.5: Determination of pupil's preparedness to return

18a:37-3: Liability of parents or guardian of minor for damage to property

18a:37-4: Suspension of pupils by teacher or principal

18a:37-5: Continuation of suspension; reinstatement or expulsion

18a:37-6: Rules, regulations

18a:37-6.1: Strip, body cavity searches of pupil prohibited.

18a:37-7: Short title

18a:37-8: Offense by pupil involving firearm, removal from school's regular education program

18a:37-9: Responsibility for removal, report

18a:37-10: Hearing

18a:37-11: Determination of pupil's preparedness to return

18a:37-12: Nonapplicability of act

18a:37-13: Findings, declarations relative to adoption of harassment and bullying prevention policies.

18a:37-13.1: Findings, declarations relative to school bullying.

18a:37-13.2: Short title.

18a:37-14: Definitions relative to adoption of harassment and bullying prevention policies

18a:37-15: Adoption of policy concerning harassment, intimidating or bullying by each school district.

18a:37-15.1: "Electronic communication" included in school districts' harassment and bullying prevention policy.

18a:37-15.2: Actions required relative to bullying policy.

18a:37-15.3: Policy to include certain incidents occurring off school grounds.

18a:37-16: Reprisal, retaliation, false accusation prohibited.

18a:37-16.1: Immunity for reporting harassment, intimidation, or bullying at certain private schools.

18a:37-17: Establishment of bullying prevention programs or approaches.

18a:37-18: Other remedies unaffected.

18a:37-19: Application by school district for reimbursement.

18a:37-20: Appointment of school anti-bullying specialists, coordinator.

18a:37-21: School safety teams.

18a:37-22: Program required for teaching certification.

18a:37-23: Program required for administrative and supervisory certification.

18a:37-24: Development of guidance document.

18a:37-25: Establishment of formal protocol for investigating a complaint.

18a:37-26: Inservice workshops, training programs.

18a:37-27: Development of online tutorial, test.

18a:37-28: "Bullying Prevention Fund."

18a:37-29: "Week of Respect"; designated.

18a:37-30: Construction of act.

18a:37-31: Compliance by nonpublic schools encouraged.

18a:37-32: Inapplicability to certain situations.

18a:37-32.1: Rules, regulations.

18a:37-33: Findings, declarations relative to dating violence policy and education.

18a:37-34: Definitions relative to dating violence policy and education.

18a:37-35: Task force to develop policy.

18a:37-36: Educational resources, recommendation, posting on website.

18a:37-37: Interpretation.