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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 39 - Transportation of pupils remote from school.

18a:39-1: Transportation of pupils remote from school.

18a:39-1a: Adjustment of non-public school transportation costs.

18a:39-1b: Furnishing of district information

18a:39-1c: Waiver for pupil transportation services under certain circumstances.

18a:39-1d: Definitions relative to nonpublic school pupil transportation pilot program.

18a:39-1.1: Transportation of other pupils by board.

18a:39-1.2: Provision of transportation for certain pupils; contracts; charges, method of collection.

18a:39-1.3: Contract for transportation of certain pupils; costs.

18a:39-1.4: Determination of financial hardship

18a:39-1.5: Adoption of policy regarding transportation of students who walk along hazardous routes.

18a:39-1.6: Transportation of nonpublic school students, remote, certain.

18a:39-1.7: Purchase of transportation by nonpublic school pupils; conditions.

18a:39-1.8: Payment by parents for transportation of certain pupils.

18a:39-1.9: Payment not required based on financial hardship.

18a:39-2: Methods of providing transportation

18a:39-2.1: Interdistrict transportation bidding procedure

18a:39-2.2: Determination of cost efficiencies by combining public, nonpublic school bus routes.

18a:39-3: Pupil transportation contracts.

18a:39-3.1: Consultation for transportation of nonpublic school pupils.

18a:39-3.2: Rules, regulations.

18a:39-4: Form of bid; deposit; forfeiture or return of deposit

18a:39-5: Opening of bids; rejection, etc.

18a:39-6: Liability insurance, etc., to be furnished

18a:39-6.1: Liability insurance; rates

18a:39-10: Expenditures by contractor in compliance with law or rules, after contract made

18a:39-11: Joint transportation authorized

18a:39-11.1: List of agencies providing cooperative transportation services; provision of transportation for certain pupils.

18a:39-11.2: Bidding requirements for certain pupil transportation contracts.

18a:39-11.3: Disqualification of bidder; "prior negative experience" defined.

18a:39-11.4: Continuation of prior agreement in violation of act.

18a:39-12: Agreement for joint transportation

18a:39-13: Joint transportation; laws and rules governing

18a:39-14: Joint transportation; expenses; payment

18a:39-15: State aid for joint transportation.

18a:39-16: Disputes; determination; appeal

18a:39-17: Names, certain information relative to bus drivers to be filed by secretary of board of education.

18a:39-18: Information relative to bus drivers furnished by contractor.

18a:39-19.1: Bus drivers required to submit certain information to commissioner; notice of pending charges.

18a:39-19.1a: Training required for school bus drivers, aides.

18a:39-19.2: Training program for school bus drivers, bus aides relative to students with special needs.

18a:39-19.3: Administration of training program; certification.

18a:39-19.4: Student information card.

18a:39-19.5: Revocation of passenger endorsement, special license.

18a:39-19.6: Suspended, revoked school bus driver license; notification required.

18a:39-20: Compliance required for assigning bus driver; violations; fine.

18a:39-20.1: Transportation to and from related school activities in private vehicle with capacity of eight or less; authorization of qualified school personnel, s

18a:39-21: Rules governing pupil transportation by state board

18a:39-22: Permission to use school buses for transporting senior citizens, handicapped citizens, children and adults in recreation or other programs

18a:39-22.1: School bus used to transport Developmental Disabilities client; permitted

18a:39-23: No fee registration continued

18a:39-24: Rules and regulations

18a:39-25: Board of public utility commissioners; regulation or jurisdiction of school buses used under this act

18a:39-26: Short title

18a:39-27: Bus driver required to be on bus when pupil present, exceptions

18a:39-28: Inspection of school bus for pupils by driver at end of transportation route.

18a:39-29: Violation, suspension, revocation of school bus endorsement.

18a:39-30: Permanent revocation for gross negligence.

18a:39-31: Contract for sale of advertising space on school buses, use of revenue.

18a:39-32: Report to Governor, Legislature.

18a:39-33: Rules, regulations.