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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 3B -

18a:3B-1: Short title

18a:3B-2: Findings, declarations

18a:3B-3: Definitions.

18a:3B-4: Department of Higher Education abolished

18a:3B-5: Termination of offices, terms

18a:3B-6: Powers, duties of governing boards of institutions of higher education.

18a:3B-6.1: Educational research and service corporation.

18a:3B-6.2: Regulation of purchase of certain real property by representative of public institution of higher education.

18a:3B-7: "New Jersey Presidents' Council" established.

18a:3B-8: Responsibilities of council.

18a:3B-9: Powers of council

18a:3B-10: Funding necessary expenses of council

18a:3B-11: Organization of council, selection of officers

18a:3B-12: Executive board.

18a:3B-13: New Jersey Commission on Higher Education.

18a:3B-14: Responsibilities of commission.

18a:3B-14.1: Dissemination of fire safety information by N.J. institutions of higher education.

18a:3B-15: Rules, regulations

18a:3B-16: Report to Legislature, Governor

18a:3B-19: Educational Opportunity Fund transferred

18a:3B-21: Educational Facilities Authority transferred.

18a:3B-22: State Board of Higher Education project approval transferred

18a:3B-23: State Board of Higher Education equipment purchase, allocation of funds transferred

18a:3B-24: Equipment purchase, allocation of funds under C.18A:72A-49 et seq. transferred

18a:3B-25: Functions, powers, duties under P.L.1984, c.99 transferred

18a:3B-26: Construction of act in regard to Rutgers, The State University

18a:3B-27: Allocation of institutions to Department of State

18a:3B-28: Construction of act

18a:3B-29: Disposition of petitions, controversies, disputes

18a:3B-30: Responsibility for action to implement act

18a:3B-31: Interim, comprehensive reports to Governor, Legislature

18a:3B-32: Exercise of powers conferred in act

18a:3B-33: Participation in alternate benefits program continued

18a:3B-34: Powers of Secretary of Higher Education.

18a:3B-34.1: Powers and duties of secretary.

18a:3B-34.2: "30 Credits Per Year to Finish" communication campaign.

18a:3B-35: Annual report by institution of higher education.

18a:3B-36: Specific enabling legislation required for reorganization transfer

18a:3B-37: Alternate opportunity to take test, examination for student due to religious observance.

18a:3B-38: "Standardized test" defined; alternate administration of tests offered.

18a:3B-39: Long-range facilities plan.

18a:3B-40: Network to propose, develop economic development policies, programs.

18a:3B-41: Short title.

18a:3B-42: Establishment of Troops to College Program.

18a:3B-43: Short title.

18a:3B-44: Information provided by certain colleges, universities.

18a:3B-45: Guidelines, criteria for collection, calculation of information.

18a:3B-46: Definitions relative to structure and fiscal management of higher education.

18a:3B-47: Secretary of Higher Education.

18a:3B-48: Audit committee.

18a:3B-49: Internal auditor.

18a:3B-50: Independent outside auditor.

18a:3B-51: Submission of audit to commission.

18a:3B-52: Policies, procedures for reports of wrongdoing, confidentiality.

18a:3B-53: Recommendations for penalties for noncompliance.

18a:3B-54: Additional authority of commission.

18a:3B-55: Notice of representation filed by governmental affairs agent, reports.

18a:3B-56: Approval of contract.

18a:3B-57: Policies concerning professional services contracts.

18a:3B-58: Executive committee.

18a:3B-59: Compensation committee.

18a:3B-60: Nominations and governance committee.

18a:3B-61: Fundraising and development strategies.

18a:3B-62: Provision of information, orientation, training.

18a:3B-63: Procedure for change in programmatic mission.

18a:3B-64: Meeting convened by commission.

18a:3B-65: Plan for branch campus.

18a:3B-66: Reference to mean, refer to Secretary of Higher Education.

18a:3B-67: Regulations.

18a:3B-68: Adoption of policy by public institutions of higher education.

18a:3B-69: Emergency operations plan for institutions of higher education.

18a:3B-70: Substance abuse recovery housing programs at certain institutions of higher education.

18a:3B-71: Report of criminal and fire events at public institutions of higher education.

18a:3B-72: Short title.

18a:3B-73: Institution of higher education required to provide access to suicide prevention services; training for faculty and staff provided.

18a:3B-74: Institution of higher education prohibited from pregnancy discrimination; written policy.

18a:3B-75: Leave of absence for graduate student.

18a:3B-76: Return to program in good academic standing.

18a:3B-77: Limit on payment to speakers at public institutions of higher education.