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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 4 - State department of education continued; composition

18a:4-1: State department of education continued; composition

18a:4-2: Offices

18a:4-3: Membership qualifications

18a:4-4: Appointment of members; terms; vacancies

18a:4-5: Continuation of present state board; appointment of successors

18a:4-6: Expenses of members; no compensation

18a:4-7: Meetings

18a:4-8: Organization of board; officers; vacancies

18a:4-9: Secretary of state board

18a:4-10: General supervision of public education except higher education vested in state board

18a:4-11: Acquisition of land and other property by condemnation

18a:4-12: Use of lands controlled by state board for recreation purposes

18a:4-13: Building operations

18a:4-14: Uniform system of bookkeeping for school districts

18a:4-14.1: Conformity to uniform system

18a:4-15: General rule-making power

18a:4-16: Incidental powers conferred

18a:4-17: Right to administer oaths and examine witnesses; false swearing

18a:4-18: Compelling attendance of school personnel

18a:4-19: Subpoenas; penalty

18a:4-20: Annual report to legislature

18a:4-21: Appointment; term; qualifications; salary

18a:4-22: Chief officer of the department

18a:4-23: Supervision of schools; enforcement of rules

18a:4-24: Determining efficiency of schools; report to state board

18a:4-25: Prescribing minimum courses of study for public schools; approval of courses of study

18a:4-26: Acceptance of grants and donations

18a:4-27: Notice and hearing

18a:4-28: Materials for guidance of teachers

18a:4-29: Instruction of county superintendents and superintendents of schools; meetings

18a:4-30: Annual report of comparative financial statistics of school districts

18a:4-31: Right to administer oaths, take affidavits and examine witnesses; false swearing

18a:4-32: Assistant commissioners; appointment; compensation

18a:4-33: Deputy commissioner

18a:4-34: Duties of assistant commissioner.

18a:4-35: Directors, inspectors and assistants

18a:4-36: Helping teachers, salaries and expense allowance

18a:4-37: Payment of salaries and expenses

18a:4-38: Employment of clerks and other employees; compensation

18a:4-39: Record of official acts; seal; copies of papers

18a:4-40: Monthly, annual and other reports to state board

18a:4-41: Waiving of certain requirements

18a:4-42: Findings, declarations relative to Italian heritage and cultural and educational programs.

18a:4-43: New Jersey Commission on Italian and Americans of Italian Heritage Cultural and Educational Programs.

18a:4-44: Responsibilities, duties of commission.

18a:4-45: Assistance to commission.

18a:4-46: Duties of commission relative to Institute of Italian and Italian American Heritage Studies.