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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 40 - Employment of medical inspectors, optometrists and nurses; salaries; terms; rules

18a:40-1: Employment of medical inspectors, optometrists and nurses; salaries; terms; rules

18a:40-1.1: School physician to complete Student-Athlete Cardiac Screening professional development module.

18a:40-1.2: Regulations.

18a:40-2: Appointment of county medical inspector

18a:40-3: Lectures to teachers

18a:40-3.1: Appointment and salary, school nurses, etc.

18a:40-3.2: Findings, declarations relative to school nursing, clinical nursing services.

18a:40-3.3: Employment of nursing, non-nursing personnel; definitions.

18a:40-3.4: Employment of person to assist school nurse by providing secretarial, clerical duties

18a:40-3.5: Issuance of county substitute certificate, emergency certificates

18a:40-3.6: Rules, regulations

18a:40-3.7: Requirements for school nurse endorsement.

18a:40-3.8: Requirements for school nurse/non-instructional endorsement.

18a:40-3.9: Construction of act.

18a:40-4: Health records; examinations for physical defects, hearing

18a:40-4.3: Biennial examination for scoliosis.

18a:40-4.4: Exemption

18a:40-4.5: Immunity from action of any kind due to provisions of act

18a:40-5: Method of examination; notice to parent or guardian.

18a:40-5.1: Definitions relative to reading disabilities.

18a:40-5.2: Distribution of information on screening instruments.

18a:40-5.3: Screening for dyslexia, other reading disabilities.

18a:40-5.4: Comprehensive assessment for the learning disorder.

18a:40-6: In general

18a:40-7: Exclusion of pupils who are ill

18a:40-8: Exclusion of pupils whose presence is detrimental to health and cleanliness

18a:40-9: Failure of parent to remove cause for exclusion; penalty

18a:40-10: Exclusion of teachers and pupils exposed to disease

18a:40-11: Exclusion of pupils having communicable tuberculosis

18a:40-12: Closing schools during epidemic

18a:40-12.1: Protective eye devices required for teachers, pupils and visitors in certain cases

18a:40-12.2: Rules prescribing kinds, types and quality of devices

18a:40-12.3: Self-administration of medication by pupil permitted.

18a:40-12.4: Rules, regulations

18a:40-12.5: Development of policy for emergency administration of epinephrine via pre-filled auto-injector mechanism to pupil.

18a:40-12.6: Policy for administration of epinephrine to pupil.

18a:40-12.6a: Guidelines for schools for management of food allergies, administration of epinephrine.

18a:40-12.6b: Implementation of established guidelines.

18a:40-12.6c: Training protocols for volunteer designees to administer epinephrine.

18a:40-12.6d: Immunity from liability.

18a:40-12.6e: Funds used for compliance in nonpublic schools.

18a:40-12.7: Nebulizer required in schools.

18a:40-12.8: Regulations for use of nebulizer in schools.

18a:40-12.9: Annual asthma education opportunities.

18a:40-12.10: Reimbursement to school.

18a:40-12.11: Findings, declarations relative to the care of students with diabetes.

18a:40-12.12: Definitions relative to the care of students with diabetes.

18a:40-12.13: Development of health care plans for students with diabetes.

18a:40-12.14: Authorized employees for administration of glucagon.

18a:40-12.15: Management, care of diabetes by student permitted; authorization.

18a:40-12.16: Notification to school bus driver.

18a:40-12.17: Posting of reference sheet.

18a:40-12.18: Release for sharing of certain medical information.

18a:40-12.19: Immunity from liability.

18a:40-12.20: Possession of syringes authorized.

18a:40-12.21: School choice not restricted.

18a:40-12.22: Policy for administration of medical marijuana to nonpublic school student.

18a:40-12.23: Definitions relative to the emergency administration of opioid antidotes in schools.

18a:40-12.24: Development of school policy for emergency administration of opioid antidotes.

18a:40-12.25: Guidelines for development of policy.

18a:40-12.26: Immunity from liability.

18a:40-12.27: Shared services arrangement.

18a:40-12.28: Funds used for compliance by nonpublic schools.

18a:40-16: Tuberculosis infection; determination of presence

18a:40-17: Equipment, materials and services for tuberculosis test

18a:40-18: Exclusion of pupils failing to comply with rules and orders

18a:40-19: Records and reports of tuberculosis testing; disposition; inspection

18a:40-20: Immunization at public expense

18a:40-21.1: Hepatitis B vaccination required for public, private school students in grades nine through twelve.

18a:40-21.2: Distribution of fact sheet on meningitis.

18a:40-23: Findings, declarations

18a:40-24: Definitions

18a:40-25: Provision of nursing services to pupils in nonpublic schools

18a:40-26: Provision of additional medical services to nonpublic school pupils

18a:40-27: Instructional services not included

18a:40-27.1: Provision of nursing services to preschool pupil in nonpublic schools, certain circumstances.

18a:40-28: Provision of nursing services through collaboration contracts

18a:40-29: Nonpublic school may decline nursing services

18a:40-30: Pupils of nonpublic schools not compelled to receive services

18a:40-31: Determination of support limit for school year

18a:40-32: "Cancer Awareness Week" designated

18a:40-33: School program development

18a:40-34: Regulations adopted by Commissioner of Education relative to children's health care coverage.

18a:40-35: Findings, declarations relative to comprehensive eye examinations for certain students.

18a:40-36: "Comprehensive eye examination", defined.

18a:40-37: Three-year comprehensive eye examination pilot program for second grade students.

18a:40-38: Collection of data on pilot program from school districts.

18a:40-39: "Comprehensive Eye Examination Fund," use.

18a:40-40: Report to Governor, Legislature.

18a:40-41: Sudden cardiac death, pamphlet; development, distribution to school districts, parents of athletes.

18a:40-41a: Schools required to have automated external defibrillator.

18a:40-41b: Emergency action plan.

18a:40-41c: Rules, regulations.

18a:40-41d: Student-Athlete Cardiac Screening professional development module.

18a:40-41e: Short title.

18a:40-41f: Definition.

18a:40-41g: Informational meeting.

18a:40-41h: Removal of athlete showing warning signs from activity; violations, penalties.

18a:40-41i: Certification required for coaches.

18a:40-41j: Nonprofit youth-serving organizations encouraged to promulgate information protocol.

18a:40-41.1: Findings, declarations relative to head injuries of student athletes.

18a:40-41.2: Interscholastic athletic head injury safety training program.

18a:40-41.3: Written policy for school district concerning prevention, treatment of sports-related head injuries.

18a:40-41.4: Removal of student athlete from competition, practice; return.

18a:40-41.5: Immunity from liability.

18a:40-41.6: Short title.

18a:40-41.7: Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Form required for student-athletes; certification statement.

18a:40-41.8: Findings, declarations relative to protective eyeware for children participating in sports.

18a:40-41.9: Development of educational fact sheet providing information relative to sports-related eye injuries.

18a:40-41.10: Educational fact sheet relative to use, misuse of opioid drugs for sports-related injuries.

18a:40-42: Educational fact sheet about HPV.

18a:40-43: Information available to certain public school students about "New Jersey Safe Haven Infant Protection Act."

18a:40-44: Information relative to child's exposure to violence on electronic devices.

18a:40-45: Rules, regulations.