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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 46 -

18a:46-1: Definitions.

18a:46-1.1: Burden of proof, production on school district relative to special education due process hearings.

18a:46-1.2: Database relative to legal decisions concerning special education to be available on website.

18a:46-2: Special educational services; appointment of professional personnel; advisory council; membership; no compensation.

18a:46-2.1: Legislative findings

18a:46-2.2: Coordinator of deaf education; appointment

18a:46-2.3: Duties

18a:46-2.4: Office of the Special Education Ombudsman.

18a:46-2.5: Duties.

18a:46-2.6: Annual report.

18a:46-3: County departments of child study; duty; membership; qualification; designating chairman

18a:46-3.1: Regional consultants for hearing impaired; appointment; duties

18a:46-4: Terms; salaries; supervisor's expense; state aid

18a:46-5: Functions of child study teams

18a:46-5.1: Basic child study team services; provision by boards of education and state operated programs

18a:46-5.2: Participation by parent or guardian

18a:46-6: Handicapped children and children who require and are benefited by special education programs and services; identification

18a:46-6.1: Providers of programs and services for 3 to 5 year olds

18a:46-7: Reports of handicapped children

18a:46-7.1: Laws, rules and regulations; distribution to parents of children classified as handicapped

18a:46-7.2: DOE to disseminate information on adult services to parents of special education recipients.

18a:46-7.3: Designation of disability services resource in high school for parents.

18a:46-7.4: Posting of timeline.

18a:46-8: Classification of disabled, handicapped children; report to parent or guardian.

18a:46-9: Classification of children having an intellectual disability.

18a:46-10: Classification according to ability; scope of educational service

18a:46-11: Psychological and other examinations

18a:46-12: Approval of clinics

18a:46-13: Types of facilities and programs.

18a:46-13.1: Disabled students, certain, participation in interscholastic athletic programs.

18a:46-13.2: Findings, declarations relative to the use of service animals by certain students.

18a:46-13.3: Permitted access for service animals in school buildings.

18a:46-13.4: Definitions relative to use of physical restraint, seclusion techniques on students with disabilities.

18a:46-13.5: Use of physical restraint on students with disabilities.

18a:46-13.6: Use of seclusion techniques on students with disabilities.

18a:46-13.7: Guidelines, review process.

18a:46-14: Enumeration of facilities and programs.

18a:46-15: Facilities and programs; approval by commissioner; special classes for handicapped children; review; improvement

18a:46-18.2: Definitions

18a:46-18.3: Notice to parents.

18a:46-18.4: Recommendation for adult educational services.

18a:46-18.5: Annual report.

18a:46-18.6: Rules, regulations.

18a:46-19: Additional reports

18a:46-19.1: Legislative findings and determination

18a:46-19.2: Definitions

18a:46-19.3: Provision of facilities and programs pursuant to chapter 46; application only to public school pupils; exception

18a:46-19.4: Provision for speech language specialist

18a:46-19.5: Services to students in nonpublic schools.

18a:46-19.6: Transportation to location or maintenance of vehicular classrooms to obtain services; payment of cost

18a:46-19.7: Contracting for examination, classification, speech correction services.

18a:46-19.8: Estimated cost of services; inclusion in budget; State aid.

18a:46-19.9: Severability

18a:46-19.10: Certain state funds excluded from minimum funding requirement calculation under IDEA

18a:46-20: Receiving pupils from outside district; establishment of facilities

18a:46-21: Tuition for handicapped

18a:46-22: Withdrawal of pupils by sending districts

18a:46-23: Transportation of pupils; special classes; handicapped children; State aid.

18a:46-24: Agreements for joint facilities, etc.; approval by commissioner

18a:46-29: County special services school district; finding of need; hearing; establishment; name

18a:46-30: Rules and regulations

18a:46-31: Powers, duties of special services school district board of education.

18a:46-32: Approval of program and courses of study

18a:46-33: Priority of types of courses of study

18a:46-34: School year

18a:46-35: Board of education; composition; terms; vacancies

18a:46-36: Qualifications of board members

18a:46-37: Organization

18a:46-38: Designation and powers of board of education

18a:46-39: Board of school estimate

18a:46-40: Estimate of general fund expenses

18a:46-41: Appropriation for current expenses

18a:46-42: Bonds, appropriation for land or buildings

18a:46-43: Rights and privileges of teachers, principals and employees

18a:46-45: Advisory committee

18a:46-46: Treasurer of board of education

18a:46-47: Establishment of one board of education for county special services, vocational school district.

18a:46-48: Existing boards dissolved.

18a:46-49: Annual organization.

18a:46-50: Certain school districts remain independent.

18a:46-51: Employees transferred to consolidated school board.

18a:46-52: Maintenance of collective bargaining unit, representatives.

18a:46-53: Reference to consolidated board.

18a:46-54: Regulations requiring plan to establish stability in special education programming.

18a:46-55: Regulations incorporating definition of dyslexia.