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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 46A - Legislative findings and determination

18a:46A-1: Legislative findings and determination

18a:46A-2: Definitions

18a:46A-3: Nonpublic schools; receipt of auxiliary services by pupils in school in district

18a:46A-4: Eligibility for auxiliary services

18a:46A-5: Provision of auxiliary services.

18a:46A-6: Transportation to location or maintenance of vehicular classrooms to obtain services; payment of cost

18a:46A-7: Contract with certain agencies for provision of auxiliary services.

18a:46A-8: Limitation on expenditures for administration of act and rental of facilities

18a:46A-9: Apportionment of State aid; calculation.

18a:46A-10: Annual report; contents

18a:46A-12: Notification to districts

18a:46A-13: Payment of state aid

18a:46A-14: Expenditures less than state aid; refunds; additional aid; request

18a:46A-15: Expenditures in excess of state aid

18a:46A-16: Insufficient appropriations; apportionment of appropriations

18a:46A-17: Severability