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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 47 - Establishment; purposes

18a:47-1: Establishment; purposes

18a:47-2: Location of school outside of district

18a:47-3: Approval by state board of establishment and location.

18a:47-4: Pupils to be admitted; court order

18a:47-5: Custody of moneys.

18a:47-6: Character of training

18a:47-7: Rules; courses of study

18a:47-8: Contribution by parents toward the support of delinquents

18a:47-9: Use of moneys available for general fund expenses

18a:47-10: Funds for building and equipment

18a:47-11: Annual report to state board

18a:47-12: Reports by superintendent

18a:47-13: Construction of chapter