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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 50 - Maintenance of program

18a:50-1: Maintenance of program

18a:50-2: Tuition

18a:50-3: Apportionment of federal funds and state moneys for adult education

18a:50-4: Donation and tuition fees; disposition

18a:50-5: Custodian of moneys; accounting and disbursement.

18a:50-6: Surplus of moneys; disposition

18a:50-7: Districts employing supervisors of adult education; apportionment of funds for

18a:50-8: Joint adult education programs; agreement, etc.

18a:50-9: Supervisors of adult education; designation of employer

18a:50-10: Rules and regulations by state board

18a:50-11: Appropriations; estimating and budgeting

18a:50-12: High school programs of education for adults; application for funds

18a:50-13: Rules and regulations

18a:50-14: Apportionment of funds; determination of amounts; deduction for excess payment