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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 51 - County educational audiovisual aids centers authorized

18a:51-1: County educational audiovisual aids centers authorized

18a:51-2: County educational audiovisual aids commission

18a:51-3: Appointed members of commission

18a:51-4: Election of members of commission; terms; vacancies

18a:51-5: Organization of commission; officers; rules and bonds

18a:51-6: Powers and duties of commission

18a:51-7: Assessment for maintenance of audiovisual aids center

18a:51-8: Budget procedure

18a:51-9: Statement to be forwarded to commissioner; state aid to audiovisual aid centers

18a:51-10: Unexpended funds; disposition

18a:51-11: Single county educational audiovisual aids center in county

18a:51-12: Withdrawal of districts from, and dissolution of, audiovisual aids center

18a:51-13: Contracting for television educational services

18a:51-14: Participation in noncommercial educational television stations

18a:51-15: Calculation of resident enrollment

18a:51-16: Approval of program or contract by commissioner requisite

18a:51-17: Termination of participation