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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 54 -

18a:54-1: Definitions

18a:54-2: Investigation and approval of establishment by commissioner

18a:54-3: Day, part-time and evening classes

18a:54-4: Discontinuance of vocational schools

18a:54-5: Establishment by district or regional boards of education

18a:54-6: Approval of location, management and course of study

18a:54-7: Receiving pupils from other districts

18a:54-8: Raising of moneys by district for buildings and maintenance

18a:54-9: State aid for schools other than day schools.

18a:54-10: Apportionment of sums appropriated

18a:54-10.1: Private vocational schools; contracts to provide vocational education courses; qualifications

18a:54-10.2: Rules for qualifications for eligibility to enter contracts

18a:54-10.3: Inspection of records

18a:54-10.4: Contracts; terms; approval

18a:54-11: County vocational school not to include certain cities

18a:54-11.1: County vocational school districts, when to include cities

18a:54-11.2: County vocational school districts, assumption, etc., of city vocational education system

18a:54-11.3: Transfer of teaching staff members and employees to new district

18a:54-12: Establishment by board of chosen freeholders on recommendation of state board

18a:54-12.1: Establishment of one board of education.

18a:54-12.2: Reference to consolidated board.

18a:54-13: Establishment by election on request of voters

18a:54-14: Establishment in second-class counties by board of chosen freeholders

18a:54-16: Boards of education of county vocational schools.

18a:54-16.8: Counties of third class of 110,000 to 125,000; board of education; members; appointment

18a:54-16.9: Third class counties of 70,000 to 105,000; board members; term of office

18a:54-16.11: Third class counties of 80,000 to 105,000; board members

18a:54-16.12: Third class counties of 70,000 to 105,000; board members; successors; terms; vacancies

18a:54-16.14: Appointment of additional board members, county vocational schools, certain.

18a:54-17: Qualifications of board members

18a:54-18: Organization of boards of education

18a:54-19: Board body corporate; name

18a:54-20: Powers of board

18a:54-20.3: Pupil directory information provided to county vocational school district.

18a:54-20.1: Enrollment of pupils in county vocational schools, funding

18a:54-21: Rules for organization and management of county vocational schools

18a:54-22: Teachers, principals, superintendents, assistant superintendents; directors and assistant directors; rights and privileges

18a:54-23.1: Receiving pupils from other counties; county vocational school districts with post secondary vocational-technical education

18a:54-23.2: Application for issuance of certificate of residence; grant or denial; appeal; hearing; determination

18a:54-23.3: Certificate of residence; filing; duration

18a:54-23.4: Payments by county of residence for each student

18a:54-23.5: List of nonresident students, courses and programs; notice to department of education

18a:54-24: Approval of courses of study

18a:54-24.1: "Green job" defined, certification program.

18a:54-25: School year

18a:54-26: Contracts; payment of bills

18a:54-27: Boards of school estimate

18a:54-28: Estimate by board of education of general fund expenses

18a:54-29: Fixing, determining amounts necessary to be raised

18a:54-29.1: Certification of amounts to be raised

18a:54-29.2: Appropriation and raising of amounts required

18a:54-29.3: County vocational school districts including cities, annual or special appropriations, apportionment

18a:54-29.4: County tax levy adjusted for establishment of county vocational school

18a:54-30: Contracts for supplies, and construction, alteration and repair of buildings; municipal permits

18a:54-31: Raising of moneys for lands or buildings; bond issues

18a:54-31.1: Findings, declarations relative to certain programs of a school district.

18a:54-31.2: Career, technical education programs exempt from certain regulations.

18a:54-33: Establishment of emergency vocational schools; commissions; cost per pupil

18a:54-34: Commissioners; terms; reports; vacancies; residence

18a:54-35: Duty of commission

18a:54-36: Appropriations for schools

18a:54-37: Municipalities in counties of first class under 700,000; exemption from tax for county vocational school district

18a:54-38: Establishment of New Jersey Council of County Vocational Schools

18a:54-39: Membership of the council

18a:54-40: Responsibilities of council

18a:54-41: Powers, duties of council