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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 56 - "Trustees for support of public schools" ; how constituted

18a:56-1: "Trustees for support of public schools" ; how constituted

18a:56-2: Secretary of board; records

18a:56-3: Statement of fund by state treasurer to board

18a:56-4: Account to legislature of management of fund

18a:56-5: State lands under water and revenue from sales thereof; restriction on revenue

18a:56-6: Leases of lands under water; principal or income

18a:56-7: Deducting expenses of administering lands under water

18a:56-8: Investments

18a:56-9: Changing municipal bonds owned by trustees from coupon to registered

18a:56-10: Stamp of ownership on coupon bonds

18a:56-11: Investment in bonds secured by mortgages

18a:56-12: Mortgage foreclosure proceedings

18a:56-13: Purchase of lands by board on foreclosure

18a:56-14: Sale of real estate held or acquired

18a:56-15: Income of funds; use of; payment of premiums on bonds

18a:56-16: Certification of anticipated default; purchase of bonds, payment of interest by trustees; State aid treatment.

18a:56-17: Short title

18a:56-18: Legislative finding and declaration

18a:56-19: School bond reserve accounts; establishment; composition; funding of accounts.

18a:56-20: School bond legend.

18a:56-21: Schools facilities financing reserve