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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 6 - Corporal punishment of pupils

18a:6-1: Corporal punishment of pupils

18a:6-1.1: Experimental or stimulation of learning process drugs or medications; administration to pupils; written consent of parent or guardian and physician

18a:6-2: Instruction in accident and fire prevention

18a:6-3: Courses in Constitution of United States

18a:6-4: Annual report of institutions receiving State aid and private schools

18a:6-4.1: Security officers of public and nonprofit educational institutions; training courses

18a:6-4.2: Policemen; appointment by governing body of institution of learning

18a:6-4.3: Application by policeman; approval; issuance of commission

18a:6-4.3a: Background investigations of university police officer candidates.

18a:6-4.4: Police training course

18a:6-4.5: Police powers

18a:6-4.6: Name plate and shield

18a:6-4.7: Traffic and parking violations; authority; procedure on issuance of tickets

18a:6-4.8: Application of concealed weapons law

18a:6-4.9: Repeal

18a:6-4.10: Construction of act

18a:6-4.11: Severability

18a:6-4.12: Educational institution reimbursement.

18a:6-4.13: Nonpublic school employment candidates to demonstrate no criminal history.

18a:6-4.14: Criminal history record check for applicant for nonpublic school employment

18a:6-4.15: Determination, reporting of qualification; written notice, notice of pending charge

18a:6-4.16: Records to be kept no longer than three years; exceptions.

18a:6-4.17: Initial criminal history record check for substitute employees

18a:6-5: Inquiry as to religion and religious tests prohibited

18a:6-6: No sex discrimination

18a:6-7: Oaths of persons employed in teaching capacities

18a:6-7a: Alleged child abuse, neglect by school employee; no use if unfounded.

18a:6-7.1: Criminal record check in public school employment, volunteer service.

18a:6-7.1b: Initial criminal history check for substitutes

18a:6-7.1c: Employment of applicant on emergent basis, conditions.

18a:6-7.2: Fingerprinting; reimbursement of unpaid volunteers.

18a:6-7.2a: Authority of commissioner

18a:6-7.3: Notice to applicant; notice of pending charges

18a:6-7.4: Three-year limitation; exceptions.

18a:6-7.5: Fine for noncompliance

18a:6-7.6: Definitions relative to certain school employees.

18a:6-7.7: Requirements for certain school employees.

18a:6-7.8: Certain actions by applicant; penalties.

18a:6-7.9: Verification, disclosure of information.

18a:6-7.10: Review, further inquiries.

18a:6-7.11: Information not deemed public record; immunity.

18a:6-7.12: Prohibited actions relative to certain agreements, employment contracts.

18a:6-7.13: Public awareness campaign.

18a:6-8: Interest of school officers, etc., in sale of textbooks or supplies; royalties

18a:6-8.1: Leave of certain employees to serve in legislature

18a:6-8.2: Leave of certain employees to serve on board of chosen freeholders

18a:6-8.3: Suspended employee or officer of board of education; compensation; exceptions

18a:6-8.4: Right to hold elective or appointive state, county or municipal office

18a:6-8.5: Requirements for receipt of employee tuition assistance, additional compensation.

18a:6-8.6: Construction of act.

18a:6-9: Controversies, disputes arising under school laws; jurisdiction.

18a:6-9.1: Commissioner's determinations considered final agency action; appeals; request for relief.

18a:6-9.2: Authority of State BOE to consider appeal terminated.

18a:6-10: Dismissal and reduction in compensation of persons under tenure in public school system

18a:6-11: Written charges, statement of evidence; filing; statement of position by employee; certification of determination; notice.

18a:6-13: Dismissal of charge for failure of determination by board.

18a:6-14: Suspension upon certification of charge; compensation; reinstatement.

18a:6-16: Proceedings before commissioner; written response; determination.

18a:6-17: Board of education a party; conduct of hearing

18a:6-17.1: Panel of arbitrators.

18a:6-17.2: Considerations for arbitrator in rendering decision.

18a:6-17.3: Evaluation process, determination of charges.

18a:6-17.4: Commissioner's authority.

18a:6-17.5: Determination of certain tenure charge.

18a:6-18: Dismissal, reduction and compensation of persons under tenure in schools and institutions of higher education

18a:6-18.1: Charge against suspended person not determined within 180 days; payment of salary

18a:6-19: Administering of oaths

18a:6-20: Right to testify; counsel; witnesses; compulsory process

18a:6-21: Proceedings against recalcitrant witnesses

18a:6-22: Order to testify, etc.

18a:6-23: Witness fees and privileges

18a:6-24: Hearings before commissioner; presentation of facts

18a:6-25: Decisions in controversies and disputes

18a:6-30: Compensation for persons illegally dismissed or suspended

18a:6-30.1: Teacher wrongfully dismissed; payment for services

18a:6-31: Tenure and civil service rights saved

18a:6-31.1: Tenure to continue

18a:6-31.2: Tenure, seniority and pension rights continued

18a:6-31.3: "New school district" defined

18a:6-31.4: Terms, conditions of employment

18a:6-31.5: Tenure, seniority rights

18a:6-31.6: Filling vacancies, available positions

18a:6-31.7: Employee rights, benefits preserved

18a:6-32: Pension and tenure rights in American Red Cross service saved

18a:6-33: Tenure, pension and other employment rights in military and naval service saved

18a:6-33.1: Grant program; innovative educational ideas and techniques

18a:6-33.2: Aim and purpose of act

18a:6-33.3: Certification of proposals for grant funds

18a:6-33.4: Advisory committee; review of grant applications; recommendations

18a:6-33.5: Rules and regulations

18a:6-33.6: Maximum amount of individual grants

18a:6-33.7: Short title

18a:6-33.8: Findings, declarations

18a:6-33.9: Definitions

18a:6-33.10: Eligible proposals

18a:6-33.11: Community participation

18a:6-33.12: Selection criteria

18a:6-33.14: Rules, regulations

18a:6-34: Board of Examiners

18a:6-35: Terms of members; vacancies

18a:6-36: Chairman; organization

18a:6-37: Service without payment; reimbursement for expenses

18a:6-38: Powers, duties of board, issuance of certificates, credentials, fees.

18a:6-38.1: Revocation of certificate on commissioner's recommendation; rules.

18a:6-38.2: Certification review under certain conditions.

18a:6-38.3: Noncompliance with GAAP, review of certification of administrator.

18a:6-38.4: Appeal of determination of State Board of Examiners.

18a:6-39: Issuance of certificates to noncitizens

18a:6-40: "Qualifying academic certificate" defined.

18a:6-41: Application for certificate; fee; refund

18a:6-42: Accounting; deposit of moneys

18a:6-43: Rules and regulations

18a:6-44: Right of disabled veterans to certificate

18a:6-45: New Jersey School Boards Association established

18a:6-46: Delegates to state association

18a:6-47: Powers and duties

18a:6-48: Officers

18a:6-49: Perpetual succession; powers

18a:6-50: Expenses of delegates; dues.

18a:6-51: Definitions

18a:6-52: Establishment of commission; petition

18a:6-53: Approval of establishment; commissioners, first meeting

18a:6-54: Representative assembly, organization; election of board of directors.

18a:6-55: Membership of board

18a:6-56: Election; terms

18a:6-57: Meetings; transaction of business

18a:6-58: Secretary; compensation; term; bond

18a:6-59: Powers and duties

18a:6-60: Superintendent or chief school administrator

18a:6-61: Body corporate

18a:6-62: Annual budget; preparation, adoption, funding

18a:6-63: Services; contracts

18a:6-64: Withdrawal of membership

18a:6-65: Employment of personnel

18a:6-66: Rights and benefits of personnel

18a:6-67: Funds and grants; contracting for, receiving and administration

18a:6-68: Bookkeeping and accounting system

18a:6-69: Enlargement, alteration of purposes

18a:6-70: Application for admission; representative

18a:6-71: Establishment and operation of centers

18a:6-72: Projects

18a:6-73: Rules and regulations; implementation of provisions

18a:6-74: Cooperation with other agencies

18a:6-75: Establishment and operation

18a:6-76: Objectives

18a:6-76.1: Provisional certificate program; implementation

18a:6-77: Implementation

18a:6-78: Cooperation and involvement of other state agencies

18a:6-79: Establishment and operation; projects; plan and development; implementation

18a:6-91.1: New Jersey Commission on Environmental Education

18a:6-91.2: Duties of commission

18a:6-91.3: Inter-agency Work Group, duties

18a:6-91.4: Inter-agency Work Group created

18a:6-91.5: Environmental Education Fund created

18a:6-95.1: Educational information and resource center; establishment; services provided

18a:6-95.2: Coordination with programs and services provided by department of education

18a:6-95.3: Funding

18a:6-95.4: Transfer of assets

18a:6-96: Control, management, etc. by board of directors

18a:6-96.1: Transfer of board; term

18a:6-97: Members; selection; reimbursement of expenses; term of office; vacancies; removal

18a:6-98: Leave of absence without loss of pay to attend meetings of board

18a:6-99: Organization; meetings

18a:6-100: Powers and duties

18a:6-101: Executive director

18a:6-102: Employees; tenure; pensions

18a:6-103: Short title

18a:6-104: Findings, declarations relative to Educational Technology Teacher Training

18a:6-105: Educational Technology Teacher Training Program

18a:6-106: "Educational Technology Teacher Training Fund"

18a:6-107: Proposals for training programs; grants; training sites

18a:6-108: Evaluation by commissioner

18a:6-109: Rules, regulations

18a:6-110: Spread the Word Program.

18a:6-111: Findings, declarations relative to instruction in suicide prevention in public schools.

18a:6-112: Instruction in suicide prevention for public school teaching staff.

18a:6-113: Provision for instruction in suicide prevention in school curriculum.

18a:6-114: Comprehensive program of after school activities in certain districts.

18a:6-115: Personal financial literacy course pilot program.

18a:6-116: "VETeach Pilot Program."

18a:6-117: Short title.

18a:6-118: Findings, declarations relative to the TEACHNJ Act.

18a:6-119: Definitions relative to the TEACHNJ Act.

18a:6-120: School improvement panel.

18a:6-121: Evaluations of principal, assistant principal, vice-principal.

18a:6-122: Annual submission of evaluation rubrics.

18a:6-123: Review, approval of evaluation rubrics.

18a:6-124: Regulations.

18a:6-125: Evaluation rubric not subject to collective negotiations.

18a:6-126: Conflicts with collective bargaining agreements.

18a:6-127: Researched-based mentoring program.

18a:6-128: Ongoing professional development.

18a:6-129: Funds provided.

18a:6-132: County vocational District Partnership Grant Program.

18a:6-133: Awarding of grants.

18a:6-134: Report to Governor, Legislature.

18a:6-135: Development, establishment of Response to Intervention framework.

18a:6-130: Professional development opportunities related to reading disabilities.

18a:6-131: Required instruction.