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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 60 - Requirements for tenure.

18a:60-1: Requirements for tenure.

18a:60-1.1: Findings, declarations.

18a:60-1.2: Tenure after 3 years' service.

18a:60-2: Dismissal and reduction in salary

18a:60-3: Reduction in staff.

18a:60-5: Indemnity of employees in certain criminal actions

18a:60-6: Short title

18a:60-7: Definitions

18a:60-8: Tenure in academic rank; conditions

18a:60-9: Tenure by exceptional action after 2 years service

18a:60-10: Establishment of procedure for career development

18a:60-11: Inapplicability of act to faculty member with tenure prior to second day of 1973-74 school year

18a:60-12: Nontenured faculty member prior to end of 1973-74 school year; election of program for tenure; notice

18a:60-13: Faculty members beginning employment after 1973-74 school year; application of act

18a:60-14: Professional staff without faculty rank; contracts

18a:60-15: Application of act to full-time faculty members

18a:60-16: Tenure for faculty members at State college.

18a:60-17: Tenure for previously-employed faculty members.