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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 61C - College-level instruction for high school students

18a:61C-1: College-level instruction for high school students

18a:61C-3: Rules, regulations

18a:61C-4: College credit

18a:61C-5: Enrollment

18a:61C-6: Contents of program

18a:61C-7: Course limitations

18a:61C-8: Course credit acceptance

18a:61C-9: Rules, regulations

18a:61C-10: Dual enrollment agreement.

18a:61C-11: Acceptance of course credit.

18a:61C-12: Annual joint report to Governor, Legislature.

18a:61C-13: Rules, regulations.

18a:61C-14: Findings, declarations relative to college credits for certain high school students.

18a:61C-15: Eligibility to receive college credits.

18a:61C-16: Awarding of credits.

18a:61C-17: Construction of act.