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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 61D - Immunization record

18a:61D-1: Immunization record

18a:61D-2: Exemption

18a:61D-3: Conflict with religious beliefs

18a:61D-4: Contraindication

18a:61D-5: Liability not imposed

18a:61D-6: Rules, regulations

18a:61D-7: Meningococcal vaccinations, dissemination of information about meningitis to college students.

18a:61D-8: Findings, declarations relative to hepatitis B vaccinations

18a:61D-9: Hepatitis B vaccination required for certain students at institutions of higher education

18a:61D-10: Exemption from vaccination.

18a:61D-11: Short title.

18a:61D-12: Findings, declarations relative to insect and food allergies.

18a:61D-13: Definitions relative to administering epinephrine.

18a:61D-14: Development of policy.

18a:61D-15: Requirements for trained designee.

18a:61D-16: Guidelines for development of policy.

18a:61D-17: Immunity from liability.

18a:61D-18: Construction of act.