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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 62 - Public institutions of higher education

18a:62-1: Public institutions of higher education

18a:62-1.1: Voter registration at public institutions of higher education.

18a:62-2: Disbursements to denominational schools prohibited

18a:62-3: Enrollment of senior citizens in tuition-free courses in State institutions of higher education

18a:62-4: Residency requirement

18a:62-4.1: Resident tuition for military personnel

18a:62-4.1a: Short title.

18a:62-4.1b: Definitions relative to the "NJTEAM Act."

18a:62-4.2: Options for student at public institution of higher education unable to complete course due to military service

18a:62-4.3: Student at public institution of higher education, re-enrollment right, refund of fees if called to active duty for certain military operations.

18a:62-4.4: Certain students to qualify for in-State tuition at public institutions of higher education.

18a:62-5: Violence and hazing; monitor of incidence; uniform record-keeping system

18a:62-6: Report by employee; filing; forwarding of report and action taken to state department of higher education

18a:62-7: Annual report

18a:62-15: Health insurance coverage required for full-time students at institutions of higher education

18a:62-15.1: Meningococcal vaccination required for certain students residing in college dorms.

18a:62-15.2: Exemption from vaccination.

18a:62-16: Findings, declarations

18a:62-17: Establishment of literacy tutoring program

18a:62-18: Joint sponsorship of literacy tutoring program

18a:62-19: Substitution of elective course

18a:62-20: Completion of required number of credit hours

18a:62-21: Review of guidelines, procedures.

18a:62-22: Student tuition, fees, certain; collection method, "optional fee" defined

18a:62-23: "Initial Active Duty Training" defined.

18a:62-24: Tuition benefits for members of New Jersey National Guard; State payment.

18a:62-24.1: Nonresident tuition rate for NJ National Guard members prohibited.

18a:62-25: Eligibility of child, surviving spouse of certain members of New Jersey National Guard for tuition benefits.

18a:62-25.1: Nonresident tuition for certain survivors of members of NJ National Guard prohibited.

18a:62-26: Notice of availability of grants, scholarships.

18a:62-27: Other fees payable.

18a:62-28: Rules, regulations.

18a:62-29: Short title.

18a:62-30: Findings, declarations relative to higher education finance.

18a:62-31: Definitions relative to higher education finance.

18a:62-32: "Higher Education Incentive Endowment Fund"

18a:62-33: State matching funds for endowment contributions to four-year public institutions

18a:62-34: State matching funds for endowment contributions to two-year public institutions

18a:62-35: State matching funds for endowment contributions to four-year independent institutions

18a:62-36: "Higher Education Incentive Grant Fund"

18a:62-37: State matching funds for donations to four-year public institutions

18a:62-38: State matching funds for donations to two-year public institutions

18a:62-39: State matching funds for donations to four-year independent institutions

18a:62-40: Ineligibility for receipt of State matching funds; use of matching funds

18a:62-41: Documents included with application for State matching funds; information required

18a:62-42: Funds administered separately

18a:62-43: Rules, regulations.

18a:62-44: Reasonable substitution of certain courses for certain disabled college students.

18a:62-45: Provision of organ donation information at institutions of higher education.

18a:62-46: Transfer of academic credits from county colleges.

18a:62-46.1: Collective Statewide reverse transfer agreement.

18a:62-47: Adoption of policies, procedures regarding certain transfers.

18a:62-48: Independent institutions may enter into agreement.

18a:62-49: Annual report to Governor, Legislature.

18a:62-50: Cooperation considered relative to annual appropriation.

18a:62-51: Construction of act as to standards and procedures for admission.

18a:62-52: Website to provide information on educational benefits for veterans.

18a:62-53: Definitions relative to certain credit card solicitations.

18a:62-54: Direct merchandizing of credit cards to students, certain circumstances; prohibited.

18a:62-55: Collection of certain demographic information.

18a:62-56: Number of credits required for baccalaureate degree; exceptions.

18a:62-57: Associate degree, number of credits required; exceptions.

18a:62-58: Approval of additional exceptions.

18a:62-59: Report.