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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 64 - Decentralization of authority

18a:64-1: Decentralization of authority

18a:64-2: Control and management

18a:64-3: Board of trustees.

18a:64-3.1: Student representatives

18a:64-4: Meeting and organization

18a:64-5: Expenses; no compensation

18a:64-6: Powers, duties of boards.

18a:64-6.1: Contracts; warranty; violation

18a:64-6.2: Payments in violation of act; misdemeanor

18a:64-6.3: Payment or gift by person dealing with State college prohibited; misdemeanor

18a:64-7: Additional powers and duties

18a:64-8: President; powers and duties

18a:64-9: Existing state colleges continued

18a:64-10: Maintenance of demonstration schools

18a:64-11: Conduct of extension courses, fees, etc.

18a:64-12: Rights of counties as to number of pupils

18a:64-13: Tuition fees

18a:64-13.1: Definitions.

18a:64-13.2: Tuition-free job training courses

18a:64-13.3: Eligibility for continued participation

18a:64-13.4: Rules, regulations

18a:64-14: Supplies; school fees

18a:64-17: Work for students

18a:64-18: Retention of revenue

18a:64-18.1: Monthly installments

18a:64-18.2: Investment procedure.

18a:64-18.3: Authorized investments

18a:64-18.4: State Treasurer as custodian

18a:64-18.5: Bank deposits made by State colleges, security

18a:64-19: Repairs to buildings and furniture

18a:64-20: Employment of professors, etc., continued; tenure rights, etc., preserved

18a:64-21: Future professors, etc., to have similar tenure rights, etc.

18a:64-21.1: Negotiation authority unaffected

18a:64-21.2: Professional positions

18a:64-21.3: Jurisdiction removed

18a:64-21.4: Employer-Employee Relations Act unaffected

18a:64-21.5: Tenure, pension rights

18a:64-21.6: Findings, declarations

18a:64-21.7: Use of Kelsey building by Thomas A. Edison State College

18a:64-26: Short title

18a:64-27: Definitions

18a:64-28: Number of organizations

18a:64-29: Functions and operations

18a:64-30: Powers

18a:64-31: Board of directors; composition; terms; vacancies

18a:64-32: Board of directors; conflict of interest; expenses

18a:64-33: Board as public body; provisions governing

18a:64-34: Bank accounts, purchases

18a:64-35: Legal counsel

18a:64-36: Acceptance of gifts

18a:64-37: Annual budget; approval

18a:64-38: Officers and employees; civil service

18a:64-39: Colleges; leasing or renting of facilities

18a:64-40: Commercial services on college campuses; self support; surplus funds

18a:64-41: Expenses; liability in tort or contract

18a:64-42: Financial standards

18a:64-43: Certified public accountant

18a:64-44: College student government association; compliance with act

18a:64-45: New Jersey Association of State Colleges and Universities.

18a:64-46: Membership of association.

18a:64-47: Officers; rules

18a:64-48: Powers, responsibilities of association.

18a:64-49: Executive director; duties, compensation.

18a:64-50: Purposes of association.

18a:64-51: Dues from member institutions.

18a:64-52: Short title

18a:64-53: Definitions.

18a:64-54: Bid threshold.

18a:64-55: Public bidding required.

18a:64-56: Exceptions.

18a:64-57: Emergency procedures.

18a:64-58: Contract subdivision prohibited

18a:64-59: Annual solicitation

18a:64-60: State college purchases through State agency; procedure.

18a:64-61: Joint action authorized

18a:64-62: Contents of agreements

18a:64-63: Subject to laws

18a:64-63.1: State college, university authorized to participate in cooperative pricing system.

18a:64-64: Specification

18a:64-65: Advertisement for bids; notice of revisions.

18a:64-66: Conformance to specifications

18a:64-67: Guaranty.

18a:64-68: Provision of surety company bond, other security.

18a:64-69: Time limit, return of bid guaranty.

18a:64-70: Awards to responsible bidder whose bid is most advantageous.

18a:64-73: Liquidated damages

18a:64-74: Building construction

18a:64-75: Plans, specifications

18a:64-76.1: Advertisements by contracting agent for bids; award of contracts.

18a:64-76.2: Methods of withholding of payment.

18a:64-76.3: Provision for partial payments.

18a:64-76.4: Withholding by State college pending completion of contract.

18a:64-77: Deduction for costs of completion.

18a:64-78: Sale of surplus personal property.

18a:64-79: Multi-year contracts.

18a:64-81: Immunity

18a:64-82: Indemnification agreement.

18a:64-83: Validation

18a:64-84: Consultation with employee representatives

18a:64-85: State, county college may enter into certain contracts with a private entity.

18a:64-86: Definitions relative to State college risk management groups, joint liability funds.

18a:64-87: State college authorized to insure, contract, provide for certain insurable interests.

18a:64-88: Formation of, membership in, State college risk management group.

18a:64-89: Bylaws of State college risk management group.

18a:64-90: Board of trustees of State college risk management group.

18a:64-91: Bylaws required for functioning; annual report.

18a:64-92: Appropriation, payment of funds for premiums.

18a:64-93: Rules, regulations.

18a:64-94: Findings, declarations relative to the New Jersey Civic Information Consortium.

18a:64-95: Definitions relative to the New Jersey Civic Information Consortium.

18a:64-96: New Jersey Civic Information Consortium.

18a:64-97: Board of directors.

18a:64-98: Executive director.

18a:64-99: Collaboration among member universities.

18a:64-100: Eligibility for grants; project goals.

18a:64-101: Grant agreement.

18a:64-102: Annual report to Governor, Legislature; public hearings.