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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 64A -

18a:64A-1: Definitions

18a:64A-2: Petition to establish a college

18a:64A-3: Upon approval, establishment of college by resolution; publication; public hearing; referendum petition

18a:64A-4: Referendum; how conducted

18a:64A-5: Upon approval, establishment of college in several counties

18a:64A-6: Upon unfavorable vote, limitations on resubmission

18a:64A-8: Boards of trustees; apportionment of membership where established in more than one county.

18a:64A-9: Qualifications of appointed members of boards, terms of office, etc.; filling vacancies; no compensation of members

18a:64A-10: County college board officers

18a:64A-11: Boards of trustees bodies corporate; designation, custody and responsibility for property and management and control of college; annual report

18a:64A-12: General powers of board.

18a:64A-13: Teaching staff, employees and administrative officers other than president; rights and privileges.

18a:64A-13.1: County college employee permitted to waive health care coverage.

18a:64A-13.1a: Premiums paid by county college employees.

18a:64A-13.2: County college board of trustees, notices of certain layoffs; required.

18a:64A-14: Selling, giving or leasing property to boards

18a:64A-15: Boards of school estimate

18a:64A-16: Appointments to boards of school estimate; filling vacancies; secretary; powers

18a:64A-17: Method of fixing amounts necessary for operation and capital outlay expenses of college; certification; apportionment between participating counties

18a:64A-18: Appropriation of amounts to be raised by boards of chosen freeholders and raising by taxation

18a:64A-19: Issuance of bonds

18a:64A-20: Emergency appropriation for college purposes

18a:64A-21: First year's estimates of expenses, etc.; preparation, delivery

18a:64A-22: Annual budget requests for State support of colleges

18a:64A-22.1: County college capital project aid.

18a:64A-22.2: Action by State Treasurer.

18a:64A-22.3: Issuance of bonds, notes.

18a:64A-22.4: Deduction from gross debt.

18a:64A-22.5: Issuance of temporary notes.

18a:64A-22.6: Debt service certification; appropriation, payment of funds.

18a:64A-22.6a: Designation of paying agent; payments of state aid

18a:64A-22.7: Investments of proceeds; disposition of earnings.

18a:64A-22.8: Bonds or notes not debt or liability of state

18a:64A-23: Acceptance of students residing in other counties; required certificates; charges to home counties

18a:64A-23.1: Job training course

18a:64A-23.2: County college courses

18a:64A-23.3: Eligibility for continued participation in program

18a:64A-23.4: Rules, regulations

18a:64A-24: Joinder in operation of county colleges by other counties

18a:64A-25: Referenda for other purposes permitted

18a:64A-25.1: Short title; citation

18a:64A-25.2: Definitions

18a:64A-25.3: Purchases, contracts and agreements not requiring advertising.

18a:64A-25.4: Contracts and agreements requiring advertising

18a:64A-25.5: Exceptions to requirement for advertising.

18a:64A-25.6: Emergency purchases and contracts.

18a:64A-25.7: Contracts not to be divided

18a:64A-25.8: Periodic solicitation of bids

18a:64A-25.9: County college purchases through State agency; procedure.

18a:64A-25.10: Joint purchases by county colleges, municipalities or counties; authority.

18a:64A-25.11: Contents of agreement

18a:64A-25.11a: County college authorized to participate in cooperative pricing system.

18a:64A-25.13: Specifications generally

18a:64A-25.14: Advertisements for bids; bids; general requirements; notice of revisions.

18a:64A-25.15: Bids to conform to specifications; rejection of bids

18a:64A-25.16: Guaranty to accompany bids; amount

18a:64A-25.17: Performance, guaranty and certificate

18a:64A-25.18: Time for making awards; deposits returned

18a:64A-25.19: Award of purchases, contracts or agreements

18a:64A-25.20: Award of contracts when bids are equal

18a:64A-25.22: Liquidated damages

18a:64A-25.23: Application of article and subdivision

18a:64A-25.24: Plans and specifications, drawn or supervised by appropriate officer

18a:64A-25.25: Cost over threshold level; separate plans and specifications; bids; advertisement; award of contract; payment to subcontractor.

18a:64A-25.26: Specifications

18a:64A-25.27: Authorization; resolution; method.

18a:64A-25.28: Duration of certain contracts.

18a:64A-25.30: No action for damages for action by officials

18a:64A-25.31: Indemnity agreement with the United States, etc.

18a:64A-25.32: Contracts, etc.; validated and confirmed

18a:64A-25.33: Definitions

18a:64A-25.34: Insurance authorized

18a:64A-25.35: County college insurance group

18a:64A-25.36: Bylaws of the group; trustees; powers

18a:64A-25.37: Trustees; number and qualifications

18a:64A-25.38: Trustees; compensation

18a:64A-25.39: Review of bylaws; investigations by the Commissioner of Insurance

18a:64A-25.40: Insurance fund participation authorized

18a:64A-25.41: Contract requirements

18a:64A-25.42: Appropriation of funds

18a:64A-25.43: Civil action brought on behalf of county college.

18a:64A-26: Council of County Colleges established

18a:64A-27: Membership; alternates; compensation

18a:64A-28: Annual organization meeting

18a:64A-28.1: Officers; rules

18a:64A-28.2: Perpetual succession; powers, responsibilities

18a:64A-28.2a: Council of County Colleges to act as lead agency.

18a:64A-28.3: Executive director

18a:64A-28.4: Improvement of county college education

18a:64A-28.5: Expenses; assessment for dues

18a:64A-29: Purpose of council.

18a:64A-30: Community college agency; establishment

18a:64A-31: Definition

18a:64A-32: Community college commission; membership; vacancies; compensation

18a:64A-33: Additional members; establishment by more than one county

18a:64A-34: Body corporate; name

18a:64A-35: Powers, duties and responsibilities

18a:64A-36: Annual report

18a:64A-37: Eligibility for State and federal support

18a:64A-38: Law applicable to faculty and staff

18a:64A-50: Referendum unnecessary

18a:64A-51: Conduct of college

18a:64A-52: Board of governors; powers and duties

18a:64A-53: Board of trustees; powers and duties

18a:64A-54: Board of governors; members; terms; reimbursement for expenses

18a:64A-55: Membership of board of trustees.

18a:64A-56: Governing body; allocation of powers between boards of trustees and governors

18a:64A-57: Authority of board of trustees

18a:64A-58: Board of governors; authority and responsibility

18a:64A-59: Utilization of privately donated properties and funds

18a:64A-60: Joint session of boards

18a:64A-61: Annual report

18a:64A-62: Board of trustees; laws conferring powers and duties

18a:64A-63: County coordinating agencies; abolishment

18a:64A-64: Post-secondary institute; part of county college

18a:64A-65: Post-secondary institute; general supervision

18a:64A-66: Assets purchased for post-secondary institute; transfer to county college

18a:64A-67: Transfers; compliance with laws

18a:64A-68: Debt owed to state; satisfaction upon transfer

18a:64A-69: Initial appointment; boards of governors and trustees

18a:64A-70: Current governing bodies; continuance

18a:64A-71: Employees; rights; tenure

18a:64A-72: Employee benefit programs

18a:64A-73: Administrative officers and teaching personnel; rights and benefits

18a:64A-74: Vested rights and privileges; effect of act

18a:64A-75: Status of or authorization to take action by officer; effect of act

18a:64A-76: Powers of Governor

18a:64A-77: Vested rights inuring to benefit of college

18a:64A-78: Adoption of act; resolution

18a:64A-79: Findings, declarations relative to award of county college credit to certain firefighters.

18a:64A-80: Conditions for receipt of county college credit for course at fire academy.

18a:64A-81: County colleges to establish green job certification programs.