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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 64E -

18a:64E-12: Short title

18a:64E-13: Definitions relative to New Jersey Institute of Technology

18a:64E-14: New Jersey Institute of Technology established

18a:64E-15: Declaration of public policy

18a:64E-16: Board of trustees continued

18a:64E-17: Membership of board of trustees; organization.

18a:64E-18: Authority, responsibilities of board trustees

18a:64E-18.1: New Jersey Institute of Technology authorized to participate in cooperative pricing system.

18a:64E-19: Additional powers, duties of board of trustees

18a:64E-20: Appointment of president

18a:64E-21: Immunity of trustees, officers

18a:64E-22: Board to advise Governor, Legislature

18a:64E-23: University deemed employer

18a:64E-24: Construction of act

18a:64E-25: Official acts preserved

18a:64E-26: Establishment of university; effect on appropriations, employees, etc.

18a:64E-27: Actions, proceedings not affected

18a:64E-28: References mean New Jersey Institute of Technology

18a:64E-29: Board of trustees continued

18a:64E-30: Credit of State not pledged

18a:64E-31: Liberal construction

18a:64E-32: University allocated to Department of State

18a:64E-33: NJIT may enter into private partnerships agreements under certain circumstances.