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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 64G - Board of trustees, membership, organization, committees.

18a:64G-4: Board of trustees, membership, organization, committees.

18a:64G-5: Reimbursement of board members for expenses

18a:64G-6: Powers and duties of board.

18a:64G-6.1: Board of directors of University Hospital; appointment; organization; powers.

18a:64G-6.1a: Powers of University Hospital.

18a:64G-6.1b: University Hospital Community Oversight Board.

18a:64G-6.1c: Rights of transferred employees.

18a:64G-6.1d: Approval of Superior Court required for acquisition of University Hospital.

18a:64G-6.1e: Review, approval of management contracts.

18a:64G-6.1f: Internet website for board of directors.

18a:64G-6.1g: Five-year period for review of substantive changes.

18a:64G-6.1h: Disposition of medical malpractice claims.

18a:64G-6.1i: Liberal construction relative to certain contracts, agreements.

18a:64G-7: Additional powers

18a:64G-8: Investment of funds; finance committee of board

18a:64G-9: Authorized investments

18a:64G-10: Depositories and custodians

18a:64G-11: President of university; powers and duties

18a:64G-12: Employee retirement rights

18a:64G-14: Personal liability of trustees and officers

18a:64G-15: Debts and liabilities; pledge of credit

18a:64G-16: Acquisition of university site by municipality; sale to university; municipal bond ordinance; gross debt reduction

18a:64G-17: Sale of municipal hospital to university

18a:64G-18: Retirement rights of former municipal hospital employees

18a:64G-19: Municipal hospital pension obligations; budget request; payment

18a:64G-20: Payment of retirement, death or other benefits to former municipal hospital employees

18a:64G-21: Continuance as university employees

18a:64G-22: Transfer of appropriations and other moneys

18a:64G-23: Transfer of employees

18a:64G-24: Transfer of files, records, etc.

18a:64G-25: Effect of former orders, rules, regulations

18a:64G-26: Effect upon pending actions or proceedings

18a:64G-27: Reports, certifications, etc.; filing

18a:64G-28: Reference in law, rule, document, etc., to former college

18a:64G-29: Rights of state in former medical school; transfer

18a:64G-30: Acquisition of interest in Rutgers Medical School facilities; transfers to University of Medicine and Dentistry

18a:64G-31: Repealer

18a:64G-35: "Physician-Dentist Fellowship and Education Program to Provide Health Care to Persons with Developmental Disabilities."

18a:64G-36: Establishment of consortium to advise director.

18a:64G-37: Purpose of program.

18a:64G-38: Qualifications for fellowship applicants.

18a:64G-39: Appointment of director.

18a:64G-40: Annual report to legislative committees.