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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 64H - Legislative findings and declarations

18a:64H-1: Legislative findings and declarations

18a:64H-2: Advisory graduate medical education council; establishment; purpose and functions

18a:64H-3: Definitions

18a:64H-4: Council membership; appointment; terms; vacancies; advisory committees; executive director and employees; compensation.

18a:64H-5: Powers and duties of Commission on Higher Education

18a:64H-6: Standards for qualification for participation by private nonprofit and public hospitals

18a:64H-7: Standards for expenditure of funds

18a:64H-8: Rules

18a:64H-9: "Advisory Committee on Alternatively Accredited Medical School Clinical Clerkships."

18a:64H-10: Duties of committee

18a:64H-11: Existing clinical clerkship programs continued

18a:64H-12: Regulations relative to medical schools located outside the U.S.

18a:64H-13: Review of applications, conditions for approval

18a:64H-14: Procedures when clinical clerkship student rejected by teaching hospital

18a:64H-15: Regulations