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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 64J - Hazardous, toxic substance management center

18a:64J-1: Hazardous, toxic substance management center

18a:64J-2: Definitions.

18a:64J-3: Advanced Technology Center in Hazardous and Toxic Substance Management.

18a:64J-4: Director

18a:64J-5: Procedures

18a:64J-6: Annual budget requests

18a:64J-7: Functions of center

18a:64J-8: Food technology center establishment

18a:64J-9: Definitions.

18a:64J-10: Center at Cook College

18a:64J-11: Appointment of director

18a:64J-12: Duties of director

18a:64J-13: Annual budget request

18a:64J-14: Functions of center

18a:64J-15: Biotechnology center establishment

18a:64J-16: Definitions.

18a:64J-17: Advanced Technology Center in Biotechnology.

18a:64J-18: Appointment of director

18a:64J-19: Duties of director

18a:64J-20: Annual budget request

18a:64J-21: Functions of center

18a:64J-22: Industrial ceramics center establishment

18a:64J-23: Definitions.

18a:64J-24: Center at Rutgers

18a:64J-25: Appointment of director

18a:64J-26: Duties of director

18a:64J-27: Annual budget request

18a:64J-28: Functions of center

18a:64J-29: Findings, declarations

18a:64J-30: Definitions.

18a:64J-31: Biomolecular research center

18a:64J-32: Peer review panel

18a:64J-33: Certification of need; designation of location

18a:64J-34: Appointment of director

18a:64J-35: Annual budget request

18a:64J-36: Functions of center

18a:64J-37: Existing programs continued

18a:64J-38: Findings, declarations

18a:64J-39: Definitions.

18a:64J-40: Polymer processing, surface modification center

18a:64J-41: Subject to commission certification

18a:64J-42: Appointment of director

18a:64J-43: Duties of director

18a:64J-44: Annual budget request

18a:64J-45: Functions of center