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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 64M -

18a:64M-1: Short title.

18a:64M-2: Findings, declarations relative to the public system of higher education.

18a:64M-3: "Rowan University" defined.

18a:64M-4: Rowan University established.

18a:64M-5: Governance, conduct of university.

18a:64M-6: Board of trustees continued.

18a:64M-7: Determination of composition, size of board of trustees.

18a:64M-8: Election of student representatives.

18a:64M-9: Powers, duties of board of trustees.

18a:64M-9.1: Public - private partnership agreement.

18a:64M-9.2: Rowan University authorized to participate in cooperative pricing system.

18a:64M-10: Certain functions, powers, duties exercised, performed by Director of Division of Investment.

18a:64M-11: Maintenance of Internet website for board of trustees.

18a:64M-12: Additional rights of board of trustees.

18a:64M-13: Appointment, compensation of president of the university.

18a:64M-14: Immunity from personal liability.

18a:64M-15: Advice to Governor, Legislature.

18a:64M-16: University personnel eligible for participation in certain public retirement plans.

18a:64M-17: Construction of act.

18a:64M-18: Officers, agents, employees unaffected.

18a:64M-19: Certain funds, property, employees transferred to Rowan University.

18a:64M-20: Certain actions unaffected.

18a:64M-21: References refer to Rowan University.

18a:64M-22: Powers of Secretary of Higher Education.

18a:64M-23: Governor of contract claims, suits.

18a:64M-24: Warranty by contractor.

18a:64M-25: Violations deemed misdemeanor.

18a:64M-26: Certain transactions prohibited.

18a:64M-27: Terms of board members unaltered.

18a:64M-28: Construction of act.

18a:64M-29: Liberal construction.

18a:64M-30: Allocation to Department of State.

18a:64M-31: Certain functions, powers, duties, rights transferred to Rowan.

18a:64M-31.1: Intention of the Legislature to protect Rowan University; reimbursement.

18a:64M-32: Transfer of appropriations, grants, moneys, employees, property to Rowan.

18a:64M-33: Disposition of certain medical malpractice claims.

18a:64M-34: Certain debts transferred to Rowan.

18a:64M-35: Employee status unaffected.

18a:64M-36: Certain properties transferred.

18a:64M-37: Rowan University-Rutgers Camden Board of Governors.

18a:64M-38: Authority, responsibilities of Rowan University-Rutgers Camden Board of Governors.

18a:64M-38.1: Additional powers, duties.

18a:64M-39: Layoffs of certain employees prohibited.

18a:64M-40: Construction of act.

18a:64M-41: Pledge, covenant with bond holders.

18a:64M-42: Transition committee.

18a:64M-43: Transfer provisions interdependent, essential.