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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 65 -

18a:65-1: Short Title

18a:65-2: The term "the corporation" defined; trusts imposed

18a:65-3: "The state university" or "the university" defined and described

18a:65-4: Vested rights, grants, charter privileges, etc., not affected; exceptions

18a:65-5: Officers or outstanding commitments not affected

18a:65-6: Tenure, civil service and retirement rights

18a:65-8: State's credit not pledged

18a:65-9: Chapter liberally construed

18a:65-9.1: Certain repealers saved

18a:65-10: Name

18a:65-11: Corporate seal

18a:65-12: Board of governors continued, powers, etc.

18a:65-13: Board of trustees continued, powers, etc.

18a:65-14: Board of governors, membership, classification, terms, succession.

18a:65-14.1: Campus advisory board for Rutgers University-Newark.

18a:65-14.2: Duties of campus advisory board.

18a:65-14.3: Appropriations to Rutgers University-Newark.

18a:65-14.4: Rights of employees of Rutgers University-Newark unaffected.

18a:65-14.5: Annual certified public reporting process of Rutgers; auditing mechanisms.

18a:65-14.6: Campus board of directors for Rutgers University-Camden.

18a:65-14.7: Duties of campus board of directors.

18a:65-14.8: Maintenance of Internet website for board of directors.

18a:65-14.9: Appropriations directly to Rutgers University-Camden.

18a:65-14.10: Duties of board of governors.

18a:65-14.11: Rights of employees of Rutgers University-Camden unaffected.

18a:65-14.12: Transfer of monies, funding, personnel to Rutgers University-Camden.

18a:65-14.13: Campus advisory board.

18a:65-14.14: Duties of campus advisory board.

18a:65-14.15: Appointment of chancellor.

18a:65-15: Board of trustees, members, classification, terms, etc.

18a:65-16: Governors and trustees, beginning and ending of terms, vacancies

18a:65-17: Restriction on receiving certain remuneration by members of boards

18a:65-18: Oaths

18a:65-19: Procedure for removal of governor or trustee

18a:65-20: No compensation; expenses paid

18a:65-21: No personal liability

18a:65-22: Quorums

18a:65-23: Chairman of each board to be elected

18a:65-24: Government, control, administration, etc., of corporation and the university

18a:65-25: Authority and responsibility of board of governors

18a:65-26: Board of trustees; control of properties, funds, trusts, investments, etc.; committee memberships

18a:65-27: Public policy of State

18a:65-28: Boards' powers, rights, etc., incident to their responsibilities

18a:65-29: Joint sessions of boards

18a:65-30: Each board to appoint and regulate duties, functions, etc., of committees

18a:65-31: President of corporation; powers; term; filling vacancy

18a:65-32: Annual report; contents; filing

18a:65-33: Gifts, grants, legacies, endowments, etc.; to vest in and inure to the benefit of the corporation

18a:65-33.1: Care, custody and control of State property

18a:65-33.2: Findings, declarations

18a:65-33.3: Notice of intent

18a:65-33.4: Public hearing

18a:65-33.5: Subject to local requirements

18a:65-34: Visitorial powers of supervision and control

18a:65-35: Board of governors, Commission on Higher Education, Presidents' Council; recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature

18a:65-36: State college for benefit of agriculture and the mechanic arts continued

18a:65-37: Payments, in lieu of interest, on proceeds of public land scrip

18a:65-38: Moneys devoted to courses in agriculture and mechanic arts

18a:65-39: Free scholarships; number; qualifications and terms

18a:65-40: Annual reports of board of governors

18a:65-41: Payment for agricultural college; application; courses of instruction

18a:65-42: Maintenance of courses

18a:65-43: Subjects of instruction

18a:65-44: Buildings, apparatus and machinery

18a:65-45: Instructors

18a:65-46: Board of managers of agricultural experiment station; number; appointment; terms; vacancies

18a:65-47: Appointed members in office, retained

18a:65-48: Members, no compensation except for expenses

18a:65-49: Board of managers, functions, powers and duties

18a:65-50: Appropriations

18a:65-51: Designation of the corporation to receive federal appropriations

18a:65-52: Authority of corporation to receive federal appropriations and conduct the work

18a:65-53: Supplemental appropriations by counties or municipalities

18a:65-54: School of ceramics continued

18a:65-55: Ceramic research station

18a:65-55.1: Legislative findings

18a:65-55.2: Establishment and maintenance

18a:65-56: Graduate school of social work continued

18a:65-57: Courses of instruction

18a:65-58: Advisory committee for school of social work

18a:65-59: Programs of research

18a:65-60: Reciprocal use of university and state colleges buildings

18a:65-61: Care, custody and control of buildings jointly used

18a:65-62: Laws affecting students

18a:65-63: Institute of management and labor relations continued

18a:65-64: Purpose

18a:65-65: Advisory council

18a:65-66: Programs of research

18a:65-67: Programs of instruction

18a:65-72.1: Chronic drunkenness offender problems; conduct of study

18a:65-72.2: Assistance of federal funds and private grants

18a:65-73: Membership in public employees' retirement system of New Jersey

18a:65-86: Fisheries Information and Development Center.

18a:65-88: Construction of act relative to DEP.

18a:65-89: Findings, declarations relative to New Jersey Collaborating Center for Nursing

18a:65-90: New Jersey Collaborating Center for Nursing; establishment, goals.

18a:65-91: Membership of board.

18a:65-92: Duties of board.

18a:65-92.1: Annual appropriation.

18a:65-93: Interim responsibility

18a:65-94: Rights, certain, transferred to Rutgers.

18a:65-95: Appropriations, grants, moneys, property, certain, transferred to Rutgers.

18a:65-96: Actions, proceedings, certain; unaffected.

18a:65-97: Certain debts transferred to Rutgers.

18a:65-98: Rights of officers, employees unaffected.

18a:65-99: Disposition of medical malpractice claims.

18a:65-100: Protection from certain undisclosed liabilities.

18a:65-101: "School of Biomedical and Health Sciences."

18a:65-102: Transfer of monies, personnel.