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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 66 -

18a:66-1: Short title

18a:66-2: Definitions.

18a:66-2.1: Teachers; membership in Teachers' Pension and Annuity Fund

18a:66-2.2: Veteran status determined for retirement allowance.

18a:66-3: Teachers' pension and annuity fund continued

18a:66-4: Membership.

18a:66-4.1: Appeal for person denied membership in TPAF.

18a:66-4.2: Inapplicability of certain statutes relative to certain transferred service credit.

18a:66-5: Classes of members

18a:66-5.1: Increase in TPAF retirement allowance.

18a:66-6: New members placed in class B

18a:66-6.1: Membership required as condition of employment; delayed filing; contribution; payment.

18a:66-7: Cessation of membership

18a:66-8: Continuance of membership.

18a:66-8.1: Discontinuance from teaching service through voluntary service in Peace Corps; continuance of membership; conditions

18a:66-9: Resumption of discontinued membership

18a:66-10: Nonmembers may join

18a:66-11: Teachers in military service may enroll

18a:66-13: Prior service credit.

18a:66-14: Credit for temporary service

18a:66-14.1: Credit for military service

18a:66-14.2: Retirement system credit to member on leave of absence

18a:66-15: Service credit for retirement.

18a:66-15.1: Transfer or purchase of credit for service in other systems.

18a:66-16: Creation of funds.

18a:66-17: Expenses paid by state; reimbursement

18a:66-18: Contingent reserve fund.

18a:66-18.1: Payment of pension adjustment benefits.

18a:66-19: Annuity savings fund.

18a:66-19.1: TPAF members, eligibility based on one position.

18a:66-20: Excess contributions returned

18a:66-21: Retirement reserve fund

18a:66-22: Pension fund

18a:66-24: Interest fund

18a:66-25: Interest allowed on funds.

18a:66-26: Death benefit fund

18a:66-27: Special reserve fund

18a:66-29: Members' contribution rate.

18a:66-29.1: Shortage in reserves or contributions; non-liability or deduction for retirement allowance

18a:66-30: Employee's consent to deductions

18a:66-31: System to certify contributions

18a:66-32: Employer's duties

18a:66-32.1: Periodic benefits payable under Workers' Compensation Law; salary deductions paid by employer; retirement benefits application

18a:66-33: State contributions

18a:66-34: Withdrawals

18a:66-35: Loans, interest rates, administrative fees.

18a:66-35.1: Repayment of loans after retirement of members of TPAF.

18a:66-36: Vesting of TPAF members.

18a:66-37: Early retirement.

18a:66-38: Death benefits; contribution not required when leave is due to illness

18a:66-38.1: Limitation on death benefits

18a:66-39: Teachers' disability retirement.

18a:66-39.1: Disability insurance for certain TPAF members; "Teachers Group Disability Insurance Premium Fund."

18a:66-39.2: Inapplicability relative to certain transferred service credit.

18a:66-40: Medical examination; reemployment; subsequent retirement

18a:66-41: Ordinary disability allowances.

18a:66-41.1: Increase in retirement allowance for retiree, beneficiary under N.J.S.18A:66-41 or N.J.S.18A:66-47.

18a:66-42: Accidental disability allowances.

18a:66-42.1: Increase in retirement allowance under N.J.S.18A:66-42 or N.J.S.18A:66-47.

18a:66-42.2: Payment of normal contribution for increased benefits under N.J.S.18A:66-41 and N.J.S.18A:66-42 for active members.

18a:66-43: Retirement for service age limits.

18a:66-44: Service retirement allowances.

18a:66-45: Thirty-five year present-entrant allowances

18a:66-46: Accidental death benefits.

18a:66-47: Teachers' retirement allowance options

18a:66-47.1: Spouse's benefit elimination by teacher

18a:66-47.2: Election of death benefit or retirement allowance

18a:66-47.3: Applicability of N.J.S.18A:66-47

18a:66-48: Monthly payments; payment upon death of retirant

18a:66-49: Benefits of TRF retirants

18a:66-51: Allowances exempt from taxes; assignment of group insurance policy rights and benefits

18a:66-52: Veterans not covered under R.S. 43:4-1.3

18a:66-53: Additional death benefit coverage

18a:66-53.1: Beneficiary of member or retirant; designation; change; payments; options

18a:66-53.2: Reemployment of retirant; reenrollment; subsequent retirement.

18a:66-53.3: Limitation on additional death benefit coverage

18a:66-54: Deductions from retirement allowance for TPAF members.

18a:66-55: Powers and privileges of a public corporation

18a:66-56: Board of trustees, committee duties, appointment or election, terms, vacancies, oaths, voting, expenses.

18a:66-56.1: Board of trustees, terms staggered

18a:66-57: Officers, actuary, legal adviser, secretary.

18a:66-58: Actuary's report

18a:66-58.1: Annuity values; determination without reference to sex

18a:66-59: Annual reports

18a:66-60: No interest in fund by trustees or employees

18a:66-61: Trustees to control funds, investment council member, finance committee.

18a:66-62: Treasurer custodian of funds

18a:66-63: Correction of errors by trustees

18a:66-64: False statements to defraud, misdemeanors

18a:66-65: Agreement on social security

18a:66-66: State, employer share of social security obligations

18a:66-68: Effect of abolition of social security offset

18a:66-69: Limitations on death benefits or other benefits

18a:66-70: Veterans' free membership in fund

18a:66-70.1: Permission for member to cancel purchase of credit

18a:66-71: Retirement allowance for veterans.

18a:66-71.1: Veterans' retirement allowance

18a:66-71.2: Increase in retirement allowance under subsection a. of N.J.S.18A:66-71 and N.J.S.18A:66-47.

18a:66-71.3: Payment of normal contribution for increased benefits under subsection a. of N.J.S.18A:66-71.

18a:66-73: Adoption of social security act, etc., continued

18a:66-74: Authorization to purchase group life insurance

18a:66-75: Requirements for insurance company to qualify

18a:66-76: Discretion in purchase of coverage

18a:66-77: Premiums paid from special funds

18a:66-78: Additional death benefits; contributions; adjustment

18a:66-79: Policy to include conversion privilege; proof of insurability after conversion

18a:66-80: Payment of benefits

18a:66-81: Arrangements for payment of benefits

18a:66-82: Policyholder credited in form of reduced premiums

18a:66-83: Investment in and acquisition of real property

18a:66-84: Limit on investment

18a:66-85: Carried as an asset of the fund

18a:66-86: Terms of rental or lease; transfer of land to fund

18a:66-87: Purchase provisions during occupancy

18a:66-88: Rental or lease arrangements; trustees to execute and deliver, etc.

18a:66-89: Selection of site, and acquisition of land

18a:66-90: Federal funds; state to be reimbursed; ascertainment of amount

18a:66-91: Repealer of sections 24 through 110 of chapter 13 of Title 18 of the Revised Statutes, with amendments and supplements, but continuing the teachers' p

18a:66-92: Social security offset repealer saved

18a:66-93: Liabilities created by certain statutes, apportionment and payment saved

18a:66-94: Existing pension funds continued

18a:66-95: Employees may organize pension fund

18a:66-96: Forming corporation to provide and obtain fund

18a:66-97: Board of trustees, membership, terms, vacancies.

18a:66-98: Trustees to elect officers; compensation, reimbursement.

18a:66-99: Trustees and officers bonded

18a:66-100: Annual report by trustees to boards of education

18a:66-101: Eligibility as members of fund

18a:66-102: Certain veterans not members of system to become members

18a:66-103: Withdrawal of contributions by veteran members; service credits required; liquidation of certain service credits

18a:66-104: Definition of "veteran"

18a:66-105: Membership in fund on or subsequent to March 25, 1935; conditions

18a:66-106: Credit purchase for employment in other governmental units in this or other states; certain leaves of absence.

18a:66-107: Contributions to pension fund.

18a:66-108: Salary deductions; death benefits

18a:66-109: Disbursements; deposits and investments.

18a:66-109.1: Loans from retirement system.

18a:66-110: Manner of payment of pensions; options.

18a:66-110.2: Increase in certain retirement benefits.

18a:66-111: Option to retire after referendum; amount of pension

18a:66-113: Deferred retirement allowance.

18a:66-113.1: Early retirement.

18a:66-114: Public employee veterans, retirement benefits, certain.

18a:66-114.1: Veteran retirees, allowance increased.

18a:66-115: Payment of pensions in semimonthly installments

18a:66-116: Exemptions

18a:66-117: Contributory death benefits

18a:66-118: Purchase of group life insurance policies for death benefits

18a:66-119: Qualifications of life insurance companies to issue group insurance policies

18a:66-120: Payment of premiums for group life insurance

18a:66-121: Provision of conversion privileges in group life insurance policies

18a:66-122: Benefits under group life insurance policies; to whom paid

18a:66-123: Options as to payment of death benefits

18a:66-124: Leave of absence for illness deemed to be service

18a:66-125: Perjury to obtain pension

18a:66-126: Retention of moneys bars member

18a:66-126.1: Definitions

18a:66-126.2: Increase in pension

18a:66-126.3: Ratio of increase

18a:66-126.4: Appropriations to pay increase

18a:66-126.5: Waiver; withdrawal

18a:66-126.6: Adjustment of retirement allowances

18a:66-126.7: Blanket increase in original or minimum pensions; adjustment of payments under this act

18a:66-126.8: Director of division of pensions; rules and regulations; reports

18a:66-126.9: Definitions

18a:66-126.10: Social security; coverage; referendum

18a:66-126.11: Application of L.1956, c. 169 upon extension of social security coverage to members of pension fund

18a:66-126.12: Effect of termination of pension fund on article

18a:66-127: Employees of board of education, agreement to reduce salary for purchase of annuity.

18a:66-128: Reduction of salary for obtaining certain benefits.

18a:66-129: Agreements validated, confirmed.

18a:66-167: Repeals

18a:66-168: Repeal subject to certain provisos.

18a:66-168.1: Termination of portion of alternate benefit program.

18a:66-169: Definitions.

18a:66-170: Alternate benefit program.

18a:66-170.1: Commissioner of education; enrollment

18a:66-170.2: Employee subsequently deemed eligible for enrollment pursuant to L.1984, c. 200 to continue participation from date of original enrollment

18a:66-170.3: Continuation in alternate benefit program

18a:66-170.4: Former employee of auxiliary organization may participate in alternate benefit program.

18a:66-171: Ineligibility for participation in alternate benefit program; enrollment in public employees' retirement system

18a:66-172: Allocation of contributions; mobility of pension credit

18a:66-172.1: Pension Provider Selection Board

18a:66-173: Transfer to alternate benefit program.

18a:66-173.1: Present or former members of police and firemen's retirement system; transfer of contributions

18a:66-174: Reduction from compensation of participants; payments of employer contributions.

18a:66-175: Termination of membership or participation

18a:66-176: Group life insurance and disability benefits; noncontributory; coverage.

18a:66-177: Purchase of group life insurance and disability benefit coverage; alternate benefit group insurance premium fund

18a:66-178: Life insurance companies eligible to sell life and accidental death insurance

18a:66-179: Conversion privilege upon termination of employment or death

18a:66-180: Designation of payee for death benefits

18a:66-181: Payment of death benefits

18a:66-182: Evidence of insurability

18a:66-183: Designation of beneficiary; form; payment.

18a:66-184: Disability benefits; payment; total disability; exceptions

18a:66-185: Amount of disability benefits

18a:66-186: Credit by insurer; savings on commissions

18a:66-187: Certain employer obligations prohibited

18a:66-188: Cash surrender option; policy loans; conditions for annuity repurchase; affect on past and future contributions

18a:66-189: Vesting of contributions; qualification under federal tax law

18a:66-190: Authority to enter into agreements for annuity purchases; method of payment; limitations.

18a:66-191: Prohibited payments; authorized payments.

18a:66-192: Rules and regulations; operation of programs