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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 68 - Right of colleges to give diplomas and confer degrees

18a:68-1: Right of colleges to give diplomas and confer degrees

18a:68-1.1: Voter registration at private colleges, universities.

18a:68-2: Right of seminaries or schools of theology to confer degrees

18a:68-3: Filing copy of certificate of incorporation and obtaining license, payments to consultants.

18a:68-4: Revocation of license

18a:68-5: Restraint of corporations operating without license

18a:68-6: Submission and approval as prerequisite to conferring of degrees

18a:68-7: Withdrawal of approval; record of approvals and revocations

18a:68-8: Conferring degree during revocation

18a:68-9: Penalties; recovery

18a:68-10: Failure to pay penalty

18a:68-11: Disposition of moneys recovered

18a:68-11.1: Short title

18a:68-11.2: Definitions

18a:68-11.3: Educational loans from institutional funds; authorization

18a:68-11.4: Interest; computation

18a:68-11.5: Repayment

18a:68-11.6: Credit life or health insurance

18a:68-11.7: Regulations

18a:68-12: Requirement of license

18a:68-13: Application for license; fee

18a:68-14: Granting license

18a:68-15: Statement in license of system of treatment taught

18a:68-16: Term and revocation of license

18a:68-17: Schools for midwifery, podiatric medicine excepted.

18a:68-18: Penalty for violation of article