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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 71 -

18a:71-28: Short title.

18a:71-29: Liberal construction.

18a:71-30: Definitions.

18a:71-31: "New Jersey Educational Opportunity Fund."

18a:71-32: Membership.

18a:71-33: Board's additional duties.

18a:71-34: Awarding of "opportunity grants."

18a:71-35: Prerequisites necessary for awarding grant.

18a:71-36: Financial resources of applicant; rules and regulations.

18a:71-37: Period of assistance.

18a:71-38: No discrimination; number; amount.

18a:71-39: Remedial and supplementary education for grantees.

18a:71-40.1: Short title

18a:71-40.2: C. Clyde Ferguson Law Scholarships; created

18a:71-40.3: Scholarships awarded annually

18a:71-40.4: Requirements for scholarship recipients

18a:71-40.5: Amount of scholarship

18a:71-40.6: Renewal of scholarship

18a:71-40.7: Rules, regulations

18a:71-78.1: Tuition-free enrollment in postsecondary program for certain volunteers, family members.

18a:71-78.2: Eligibility for tuition credit.

18a:71-78.3: Verification of service; transcript records.

18a:71-78.4: Issuance of letter of eligibility.