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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 71A -

18a:71A-1: Short title.

18a:71A-2: Terms defined.

18a:71A-3: Higher Education Student Assistance Authority created.

18a:71A-4: Board of the authority.

18a:71A-5: Executive director.

18a:71A-6: Organization of the board.

18a:71A-7: Limitation of liability, conflict of interest, compensation.

18a:71A-8: General powers of the authority.

18a:71A-9: Further powers of the authority.

18a:71A-10: Contracts, purchases, records, travel.

18a:71A-11: Certain pension, benefits, and employment classification provisions applicable to employees of the authority.

18a:71A-12: Limitations on issue of bond anticipation notes and other obligations.

18a:71A-13: Bonds, bond anticipation notes, other obligations: general provisions.

18a:71A-14: Bond resolutions.

18a:71A-15: Personal liability on bonds, notes and other obligations.

18a:71A-16: Purchase by authority of bonds, notes and other obligations.

18a:71A-17: Security for bonds.

18a:71A-18: Liability for payment of bonds.

18a:71A-19: Rights of bondholders.

18a:71A-20: Refunding bonds.

18a:71A-21: Bonds as legal investments.

18a:71A-22: Pledge of state; exemption from taxation; taxable bond option.

18a:71A-23: Higher Education Student Assistance Fund.

18a:71A-24: Loan Reserve Fund.

18a:71A-25: Capital Reserve Fund; use; investment.

18a:71A-26: Dissolution.

18a:71A-27: Effect of partial invalidity; severability.

18a:71A-28: Transfer of functions, powers and duties of office of student assistance.

18a:71A-29: Transfer of Functions, powers and duties of student assistance board.

18a:71A-30: Transfer of functions, powers and duties of higher education assistance authority.

18a:71A-31: Abolishment of executive director of student assistance programs.

18a:71A-32: Construction of law.

18a:71A-33: Higher Education Student Assistance Authority to be responsible for implementation.

18a:71A-34: Limitation on powers of authority; bond holders protected.

18a:71A-35: Development, distribution of student loan repayment information document.