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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 71B - Eligible institution defined.

18a:71B-1: Eligible institution defined.

18a:71B-2: Student eligibility.

18a:71B-2.1: Eligibility for State student financial assistance programs.

18a:71B-3: Discrimination forbidden.

18a:71B-4: Academic year defined.

18a:71B-5: Notification of authority in the case of withdrawal or change in status.

18a:71B-6: Verification of compliance with military selective service act.

18a:71B-7: Rules and regulations.

18a:71B-8: Compliance with terms and conditions of financial aid.

18a:71B-9: False information; penalty.

18a:71B-10: Collection of overpayments and ineligible payments of financial aid.

18a:71B-11: Scholarships created.

18a:71B-12: Administration by the authority.

18a:71B-13: Criteria, methodology and guidelines; revisions.

18a:71B-14: Award of scholarships.

18a:71B-15: Renewal of scholarships.

18a:71B-16: Amount of scholarship; payments.

18a:71B-17: Limitation.

18a:71B-18: Grants created; use.

18a:71B-19: Administration of provisions.

18a:71B-19.1: Provision of certain information by certain institutions.

18a:71B-20: Eligibility, prerequisite.

18a:71B-20.1: Tuition aid grant eligibility for children of persons transferred to a military installation in New Jersey.

18a:71B-20.2: Certain information solicited from financial aid applicant.

18a:71B-21: Amount of grant; reduction of award.

18a:71B-22: Construction of article.

18a:71B-23: Scholarships for undergraduate education; eligibility.

18a:71B-23.1: Short title.

18a:71B-23.2: Definitions relative to "New Jersey World Trade Center Scholarship Program Act."

18a:71B-23.3: New Jersey World Trade Center Scholarship Fund.

18a:71B-23.4: Board of Trustees; membership; duties; responsibilities.

18a:71B-23.5: Awarding of scholarships.

18a:71B-23.6: Conditions for awarding of scholarship.

18a:71B-23.7: Rules, regulations.

18a:71B-24: Appropriation of funds.

18a:71B-24.1: Short title

18a:71B-24.2: Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Scholarships Program

18a:71B-24.3: Rules, regulations

18a:71B-24.4: Annual appropriation

18a:71B-25: Scholarship program established.

18a:71B-26: Scholarship eligibility.

18a:71B-27: Scholarship conditions.

18a:71B-28: Definitions.

18a:71B-29: Issue of bonds.

18a:71B-30: Participation by institutions of higher education.

18a:71B-31: Dollar Amount not to be considered in determining eligibility for monetary assistance.

18a:71B-32: Report on results of sale.

18a:71B-33: Duties of the State Treasurer.

18a:71B-34: Assessment of effectiveness of program.

18a:71B-35: Legislative findings and declarations.

18a:71B-36: Definitions.

18a:71B-37: New Jersey Better Educational Savings Trust created.

18a:71B-38: Administration of the program; powers of the authority.

18a:71B-39: Immunity.

18a:71B-40: Selection of investment manager.

18a:71B-41: Operation of program; fees.

18a:71B-41.1: Exemption from claims of creditors for NJBEST accounts.

18a:71B-42: NJBEST scholarship; conditions.

18a:71B-43: Determination of dollar amount of account.

18a:71B-44: Assurance of availability of principal.

18a:71B-45: Construction.

18a:71B-46: Federal income tax consequences.

18a:71B-47: Contracts with accredited schools of veterinary medicine.

18a:71B-48: Contracts with consent of advisory committee; members.

18a:71B-49: Organization of committee; expenses.

18a:71B-50: Definitions.

18a:71B-51: Application for State support; form of application; certificate of accreditation by New Jersey Board of Nursing.

18a:71B-52: Operational support by State; limitation.

18a:71B-53: Short title

18a:71B-54: Findings, declarations about crime victims

18a:71B-55: Definitions regarding scholarship.

18a:71B-56: "Tony Pompelio Commemorative Scholarship Fund"

18a:71B-57: Board duties

18a:71B-58: Awarding scholarships

18a:71B-59: Qualifications of applicant

18a:71B-60: Recipients paid by State Treasurer

18a:71B-61: Eligibility restrictions

18a:71B-62: Nondiscrimination in awards

18a:71B-63: Rules, regulations

18a:71B-81: Short title.

18a:71B-82: Findings relative to NJ STARS Program.

18a:71B-83: Definitions relative to NJ STARS Program.

18a:71B-84: NJ STARS Program.

18a:71B-85: NJ STARS scholarships; eligibility.

18a:71B-85.1: College placement test to determine eligibility for program.

18a:71B-85.2: Option for fewer credits for recipient, eligibility for NJ STARS II scholarship.

18a:71B-85.3: Application of college credits earned in high school.

18a:71B-85.4: Current recipients unaffected; exceptions.

18a:71B-85.5: Provision of information to students relative to eligibility for NJ STARS.

18a:71B-85.5a: Requirements for scholarship.

18a:71B-85.6: Annual recruitment day.

18a:71B-85.7: Current NJ STARS recipients unaffected.

18a:71B-86: Report to Legislature, Governor on NJSTARS Program; guidelines rules, regulations.

18a:71B-86.1: Short title.

18a:71B-86.2: Definitions relative to NJ STARS II Program.

18a:71B-86.3: NJ STARS II Program created.

18a:71B-86.4: Eligibility for NJ STARS II; scholarship amounts.

18a:71B-86.4a: Eligibility of certain NJ STARS II recipients.

18a:71B-86.4b: Current NJ STARS II recipients unaffected.

18a:71B-86.5: Transfer of academic credits.

18a:71B-86.6: Report to Governor, Legislature; authority regulations.

18a:71B-86.7: Construction of act relative to application, admissions procedures.

18a:71B-87: Short title.

18a:71B-88: Findings, declarations relative to social services student loan redemption.

18a:71B-89: Definitions relative to social sciences student loan redemption.

18a:71B-90: Social Services Student Loan Redemption Program.

18a:71B-91: Eligibility for participation in program.

18a:71B-92: Application for loan redemption.

18a:71B-93: Nullification of redemption contract.

18a:71B-94: Loan forgiveness awards.

18a:71B-95: Annual report.

18a:71B-96: Rules, regulations.

18a:71B-97: Filling of direct care professional position with persons having degrees.

18a:71B-98: Short title.

18a:71B-99: Military Dependents Scholarship Fund.

18a:71B-100: Board of trustees.

18a:71B-101: Awarding of scholarships.

18a:71B-102: Qualifications for award of scholarship.

18a:71B-103: Rules, regulations.